Award-Winners Pack

Gluten Free Award Winners Pack
Gluten Free Award Winners PackGluten Free Bread Baking eBook Cover


GF Consumers Have SPOKEN!

Pack includes 1 each (regular size) of:

#1 Gluten Free Flour

#1 Gluten Free Bread Mix

#1 Gluten Free Cookie Mix

#1 Gluten Free Pancake Mix

PLUS, 3 of Jules’ favorite eBooks—34 recipes!

gfJules Bread Baking eBook – 23 pgs, 6 easy recipes & tips for bread machines & oven

gfJules Cookie Mix eBook – 26 pgs, 12 recipes + tips & nutritionals

gfJules Dinner-a-Day eBook – a week’s worth of safe, delicious dinner ideas


The Best Gluten Free Flour, Bread Mix & More?

You’re looking at ’em! Thousands of gluten free consumers gave their opinions about what they thought were the best gluten free flour and mixes. And with no advertising, no massive retail distribution or PR campaign, gfJules took home the top spot for gluten free flour; gfJules Gluten Free Bread Mix also was voted #1, as was the Cookie Mix and Pancake Mix!

So we thought we’d put them all in an Award Winners Pack, to make it easy for folks like you to try them out! We hope the dozens and dozens of great reviews you’ll find on the individual product pages on this site, and the thousands of votes our products earned will convince you to give them a try! This Pack even comes with a bunch of Jules’ favorite recipe eBooks, with not only awesome, proven recipes, but tips and techniques to make sure your kitchen endeavors are successful!

We know you’ve likely heard other products claims to be the best. And you’ve likely spent some money on under-performing products you wish you could have back. The uncompromising Jules set out to create the very best products she could–and many, many people have known all along what now has been echoed by thousands of your gluten free peers. gfJules Gluten Free Flour is the best certified flour you can buy. And gfJules Gluten Free Bread Mix is also unparalleled. What’s more, gfJules Gluten Free Cookie Mix has been the best-selling mix for more than 7 years! And gfJules Gluten Free Pancake & Waffle Mix is catching up fast.

Now you can try them all, all at once. The best gluten free flour and mixes, with 3 great, instant download eBooks, for a great price! Here’s to getting your journey with gfJules off on the right foot! 

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