gfJules™ Gluten Free Flour

gfJules All Purpose Gluten Free Flour

All Purpose gluten free flour this amazing is hard to keep secret. But even 8 years after Jules perfected her acts-just-like-wheat flour blend, many people haven’t heard of it. That’s because Jules didn’t set out to make flour for anyone but her celiac self and the family she lovingly feeds. But word (and yummy samples) spread in her circles, and folks begged her to make her 5-flour blend for them. How could this ever-accommodating southern girl say no to that?

The flour voted #1 (twice) helps you live gluten free, conveniently.

Voted best gluten free flour 2017
Voted best gluten free flour 2017

gfJules was voted the best certified gluten free flour by GF consumers because it works. Just like a flour you’d hoped to find to replace your wheat flour. That’s exactly what Jules set out to do, and what she didn’t stop trying to achieve until she’d achieved it. Good for you! Now you can buy one gluten free flour to use in all of your recipes. Your great aunt’s pie crust, your mom’s dinner rolls, an awesome-looking cookie recipe you stumbled across. Jules’ all-purpose gluten free flour epitomizes the word “all purpose.” The five flours plus xanthan gum she painstakingly combined and re-combined and tested and tweaked mimic the bulk-to-starch ratio of wheat flour. Which means it performs like wheat flour in all of your recipes. And defies belief on a daily basis.

If you’ve heard or read (from ‘experts’) that you have to make a special gluten free flour blend for every gluten-free recipe, Jules is here to prove otherwise. Not to mention it’s a big and messy and time-consuming waste of time. The “Recipe” link at the top of this site has 400+ proven gluten-free recipes as proof–because they ALL rely on just ONE all purpose gluten free flour. gfJules flour. Get to know Jules. She’s nothing if not persistent. Sincere. Supportive. Positive. Informative. And thorough. Her gluten free flour is certified gluten free and kosher, and is totally non-GMO. And now it’s been voted—for 2 years in a row—the #1 gluten free flour by thousands of gluten free consumers. Turn their satisfaction into your confidence to try this truly special flour today.

Set a high bar. Try gfJules All Purpose Gluten Free Flour. End your search.

When Jules launched gfJules, one of the things she wanted to do was offer choices. So you can now try her flour in a 1.5-pound size–a more affordable way to see if all the glowing reviews are true (and that it’s not just a big-old conspiracy!). So now you can spend less on your tire-kicking first purchase of Jules’ flour.

After you realize this is the last gluten free flour you’ll ever need, you’ll likely do as her ‘regulars’ do and start buying in bulk. Funny thing about gfJules flour: the larger sizes are actually the most popular. What does that tell you?

But first things first: try it, put it through your paces, then come back for more. Wanna go really slowly? Try the gfJules Gluten Free Flour Sample for just $7.50 (to cover shipping & handling). It comes with a recipe and is followed up by a $10 Store Credit you can use on what Jules just knows will be a happy, repeat order for a bigger size. Her money, where your (very happy) mouth is…


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  1. Kristine (verified owner)

    First gluten free flour I have used where the final baked item was not grainy. Made my own chocolate cake recipe and it tasted great. Those family members who are not gluten free could not tell that the cake was. Thank you so very much!

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