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gfJules Gift Card Graphic2
gfJules Gift Card Graphic2

gfJules Gift Card


Give the Gift of GF Success!

These electronic gift cards can be used for anything on this site!

  • Mix and match amounts to create your own value 
  • Lucky recipients get a LINKED eGift Card in their Inbox:
    • INSTANTLY–with a message from YOU!
    • They just click it to go to gfJules site
    • Gift card amount is applied as they shop
    • Card pays for their shipping, too
    • Unused balance is stored for their next visit


$10 $10.00
$15 $15.00
$25 $25.00
$30 $30.00
$40 $40.00
$50 $50.00
$75 $75.00
$100 $100.00
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Simple Steps for Profound Gift Giving

When you think about it, it’s almost your civic (if not moral) duty to tell people you know and love about the gfJules products you know and love, so the people you know and love with come to know and love them, too!

While many people find gfJules on their own (or with Google’s help), many are referred here by friends and family members. Talk about a GIFT! Now you can be ‘that person’ who changes a friend’s or family member’s life by introducing them to gfJules!

Bake it Forward™!

gfJules Gift Cards are the perfect way for you to assure people that there IS a line of gluten free flour and mixes out there that performs as promised–that makes baked goods that look, smell, feel and taste like baked goods should.

You’re a convert: it’s time YOU convert some others, don’t you think? gfJules Gift Cards are the answer.

How to Buy a gfJules Gift Card in ANY Amount

If you’d like to create a Gift Card in an amount not shown, just combine them! Here are some examples of how to create custom Gift Card amounts:

  • Want a $30 Card? Buy 3 $10 Cards!
  • How about $40? Put a $10 and a $30 Card in your cart!
  • $75 Card? That’d be 2 $30 Cards and a $15 Card!

Entering the Recipient’s Info.

During checkout, you’ll be prompted to either send the Gift Card to your email address (to keep for yourself, or to send to someone later), or to someone else’s email address. When you select ‘Someone Else,’ a space for their email is provided, as well as a box for a personalized note from you. Handy, right? This is GF Gift Giving made easy!


We’re always here to help! So if need an assist, give us a call!

Our fancy-dancy toll-free phone number is:  855-gf-Jules (855-435-8537).


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