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Only gfJules™ brings together:

  1. Her #1-Rated All Purpose Gluten Free Flour
  2. Her #1-Rated Gluten Free Cookie Mix
  3. Her #1-Rated Gluten Free Bread Mix
  4. Her #1-Rated Gluten Free Cornbread Mix
  5. Jules’ Nearly Normal Cooking for Gluten Free Eating paperback cookbook
  6. Jules’ 37-page eBook: “New to Gluten Free”
  7. Free SO Delicious® product coupon
  8. Free Enjoy Life Foods® product coupon
  9. Free copy of Gluten Free & More magazine

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Gluten Free Starter Pack – a gfJules Original.

A gluten free starter pack should get your gluten free journey off on the best possible foot. If you’re committed to doing gluten free correctly, you’ll need all of the things Jules has created and/or pulled together for this special (and specially priced) starter pack. 

Leave it to Jules to leave nothing out. She’ll arm you with invaluable information about making the transition. She’ll give you the encouragement and support you need. And Jules will give you 3 of her 2016 Gluten Free Award-winning products, of course. And HUNDREDS of recipes, support, baking help and everything else you’ll need to make the happy, successful transition she has made.

Here’s what you’ll get in the gfJules Gluten Free Starter Pack:

Winner 2016 Gluten Free Awards

Gluten Free Every-Purpose Flour Jules created the good name she has in the gluten free community with her amazing, can’t-bust-it flour as the very solid foundation. How amazing? gfJules Gluten Free Flour was voted — by consumers — the #1 gluten free flour for the 2nd straight year!

Well over a million pounds, and some very, very happy gluten free customers later, Jules introduced this smaller 1.5-lb size. (She sells a 4.5-lb box as well). Both will prove to you what those happy GF-ers know. It’s literally brought many people to tears. We just hope it brings you back to stock up, and brings your family back into the kitchen, together.

Winner 2016 Gluten Free AwardsGluten Free Cookie Mix voted #1 by consumers for 2017! Why? Because Jules’ cookies are renowned. You’ll know even before you bite into your first one. They’re even loved by people who don’t have to eat gluten free. They’re light, have zero aftertaste and bake up just like a decadent cookie should. Makes 60 full-sized cookies. And 60 giant smiles.

Winner 2016 Gluten Free AwardsGluten Free Bread Mix  voted the #1 gluten free bread mix for a 2nd straight year! Makes one beautiful 2-pound loaf, in the oven or in a bread machine. The yeast packet is included, so all you need is to have this easy-to-make mix on hand, and put an end to your Good Bread Drought. Those days are over! gfJules brings awesome bread to your home! 

Voted #1 gluten free cornbread mix 2017

Gluten Free Cornbread Mix – You’ll want to give this #1-rated mix an award, too, once you try it! This mix flies out of the gfJules warehouse. In multiples. It’s a simple, oft-forgotten pleasure that Jules couldn’t stand by and watch continue. So she perfected this southern treat, so you could have the perfect side for any meal. Quick, easy, yum-o sublime.

Coupon for FREE SO Delicious product of your choice – can’t or don’t want to eat dairy? Looking to cut back? SO Delicious has you covered, with fantastic dairy-free frozen desserts, coffee creamers, milk beverages, cultured-milk yogurt-like products, and more. Dozens of yummies Jules uses every day, made from coconut, almonds and lots of other healthy ingredients.

Coupon for FREE Enjoy Life product of your choice – choose from a wide (and ever-widening) variety of Enjoy Life products, including Jules’ go-to cookie add-ins—Enjoy Life Dairy Free Chocolate Chips. Everything’s gluten free and free of the Top 8 food allergens, too. So eat with confidence, and this one’s on the house.

You’ll get plenty of great info, too, in the Gluten Free Starter Pack.

Paperback Cookbook Jules’ first, and still crazy-popular, book. “Nearly Normal Cooking for Gluten Free Eating” proves (and proves again) how deliciously simple, and simply delicious gluten free cooking can be. Based on her family’s recipes, Jules painstakingly proved they could all be made again—with the right flour. 168 recipes are coming your way!

eBook this instant download will put in your hands the invaluable information you need today. 37 pages of first-person, successful strategies for nearly every aspect of your life, and how they can all accommodate your gluten free journey. And lots of great recipes (with photos!), of course! This little book has helped thousands make the successful transition. You’ll be in great company!

Magazine one of the many hats Jules wears is the one she sports as Associate Editor at Gluten Free and More Magazine. You’ll learn to watch for the mailman in anticipation of this colorful, creative, trustworthy resource. Your Gluten Free Starter Pack will include a copy of the most recent edition. No doubt your first of many.

Deciding to go gluten free may have been hard. Deciding to save 51% on this one-of-a-kind pack should be easy.

Jules stopped counting all the people who said how much easier their gluten free lives would have been if they’d discovered her products and info sooner. Some had lost hope because they’d had so many sub-par gluten free products. Jules renewed their hopes. She proved that there isn’t any compromise in her gluten free life. And she’s committed to proving that no one else has to “settle” for less-than-awesome either.

Jules is ready to load you up with the best-of-the-best gluten free products. She’s assembled the information and recipes that will educate and inspire you. Take the smartest next step on your gluten free journey. Arm yourself with trusted info, proven recipes and simply stellar products. Get the gfJules Gluten Free Starter Pack today.

Make an easy decision even easier: order today and get FREE SHIPPING!

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5 thoughts on “gfJules™ Gluten Free Starter Pack

  1. you used to have a frequent baker flour package, I think it was buy four five lb bags get one free. now it is 4 1/2 lbs and the price went up which is surprising sence most GF product prices have gone down. disappointed

    • Hi Margaret, this starter pack is very different from what we used to offer, since it has products and also free product coupons from brands I recommend, a paperback cookbook, e-cookbook and a magazine. It’s really not at all like that other pack you referenced. As for our pricing, my gfJules Flour has been improved, and also is now made with all non-GMO flours, so the price change was necessary and has reflected that. I have celiac and live gluten free too, so I understand the frustration at price increases for necessities like gluten free food, but when it’s based on actual price increases for premium ingredients that are blended in a dedicated GF facility, are certified GF and Kosher and are made with non-GMO ingredients … and it works like regular flour, it’s worth it to me and to many others. I hope that helps you to understand.

  2. I loved this starter pack! It had the perfect mixture of products for a first-time order and the amounts were more than I thought they would be. All easy to use and very well enjoyed.

  3. Excellent product. Never fail recipes. I keep trying different GF flours, but Jules’ flours are the only ones that seem to consistently produce my desired baked good. Keep up the good work.

  4. This starter pack is an AWESOME deal. Even though I’m not THAT new to the gfree scene (about 3 years in), I just had to place an order! I’ve used your products many times before, and always get great reactions. I tell everyone that the secret is gfJules flour!!