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Gluten-free living can be pretty awesome. This site’s a testament to that. Here’s what awaits you:

Gluten-free recipes

Jules has 350+ gluten free recipes right here—all proven, all easily explained, all free. Sign up for her free weekly recipe newsletter.

Jules gluten free baking products, books, and information from celiac patient-expert Jules Shepard.

The gfJules gluten free community is hosted by the tireless Jules Shepard.

Gluten free all purpose flour

Simply put, the best, most versatile, most loyally loved gf flour you can buy. Sold here, and only here, endorsed by the “real Jules” who actually created it.

Gluten free mixes

Jules has a TON of ‘em. Okay, several tons of them–freshly produced, certified safe and bring-a-tear-to-your-eye yum-o.

Gluten free value

Jules has never been out to get rich selling her famed flour. She’s in it to bring families together at mealtime. As economically as possible. Here are some of the ways she’s doing it:

  • 2 choices of sizes: a Regular size, so you can try her products for as low a price as possible, and a Value Box, with multiples of one product in it that’ll save you an average of 20%.
  • Shipping options: she’s negotiated the best rates possible, again, to give you options. 
  • Long shelf life: nearly all gfJules products have an 18-month shelf life, so you can buy in bulk and pay shipping less often. Plus you’ll always have the good stuff on hand!

Gluten free resources

Jules reports from industry shows, is Associate Editor of Gluten Free & More Magazine, has written 3 books, publishes e-books, reviews products, teaches, trains, consults and coaches. If you have a question about living gluten free, you’ll find the answers here.

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