Mother’s Day Gluten Free Gift Guide


We all want to spoil our moms on Mother’s Day, but how to you spoil a gluten free mom? This Mother’s Day Gluten Free Gift Guide is your guide to doing just that! And not just on Mother’s Day and not just for moms! These 23 thoughtful gifts are for any foodie friend or loved one who needs a little spoiling in the kitchen. Or maybe a “to me, love me” gift? No judgment here!

From inexpensive but extremely useful, to pricey but an investment that will be passed along for generations, these Mother’s Day Gluten Free Gifts are carefully curated to deliver big smiles. << Don’t forget to also check out my Father’s Day Gluten Free Gift Guide! Great gifts aren’t necessarily for dad OR mom, you know?! >>

Cookware & Bakeware

Emile Henry Dutch Oven

You know this brand from many of my gluten free bread baking posts, as it offers iconic, well-made ceramicware that is gorgeous enough to leave out on the counter at all times. Their Sublime Collection features ever-popular Dutch Ovens made from sustainable raw materials and clays, offering all the advantages of healthy cooking without the weight of cast iron.

Emile Henry Sublime Dutch Ovens

This unique ceramic distributes heat throughout the pot better than metal (including cast iron or stainless steel) and it is 50% lighter than those metals.  Safe for use on direct flame, stovetop – gas, electric or glass, charcoal or gas BBQ grills, in the oven, microwave, and in the dishwasher. 

From soups and stews to gorgeous gluten free artisan breads baked using the classic Dutch Oven method, these pieces will become the favorite go-to cookware for any baker. 

Emile Henry Sublime Dutch Oven colors
Emile Henry Sublime Dutch Oven color options

New Cookware from Nordic Ware

Best known for its unique and quality bundt pans and bakeware, Nordic Ware is taking their know-how into the cookware space with two new lines: Verde and Basalt. Both made free from chemicals and toxins, yet miraculously still non-stick, these pieces were built to last but made with budget-friendly consumers in mind. What a gift for mom to replace worn out and no longer non-stick pans with beautiful new ones from Nordic Ware? *(Read more about whether and when you need to replace old pots and pans for new ones when you go gluten free.)

nordic ware cookware
Nordic Ware Basalt pieces in the rear and foreground, Verde stacked in the middle.

Verde is made with ceramic coating, riveted stainless handles and stays-cool silicone grips. Premium Basalt aluminum cookware combines professional grade performance with durable Swiss-made 3-layer nano coating. Cast stainless handles stay cool on the stove but transition to the oven, safe up to 400F. I’m particularly fond of the 14-inch Aluminized Steel Spun Wok for my cooking, like my homemade gluten free Pad Thai recipe. Both lines are made in the USA with 5 year warranties. Available on Amazon.

Vinegar Pot

Kombucha is the the rage right now, so why not make your own? Or how about homemade wine vinegar? It’s easy when you have the right vessel.

Emile Henry Vinegar Pot

And when it’s this gorgeous, it’s ok to leave it out on the counter at all times. Emile Henry’s Vinegar Pot is perfect for kombucha, vinegar or even kimchi with water. A fun project for those who love chemistry, baking, or just beautiful ceramicware. 

Emile Henry Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set

Oil & Vinegar Cruet Set

Whether or not you’re making your own homemade vinegar, a classic oil and vinegar bottle set is a must-have, especially for dipping all those delicious homemade gluten free baguettes! This Emile Henry Cruet set protects oil from going rancid and looks great on any table. 


heart shaped dish


Heart-Shaped Baking Dish

Whether you gift this dish to mom or just bake a delicious gluten free heart-shaped cake for her IN the dish, it’s a dish one of you will treasure, for sure! Made by Peugeot-Saveurs, so you know it’s made from quality, natural materials, it will bake evenly and also keep foot hot for up to 30 minutes. Won’t warp or crack going straight from the freezer to oven, microwave safe and dishwasher safe. Available on Amazon.

Etched Stainless Cookware Set

If you really want to pamper someone, you’ll get them a matching set of something you know they’re going to love. It would be hard not to love this gorgeous 5-piece cookware set from Hell’s Kitchen. I was drawn to the etched stainless look immediately, but dig deeper and you find that it’s for more than just appearances. The unique laser-etched flame pattern is part of the secret to its durable non-stick finish.

Hell's Kitchen Tri-Clad Hybrid Cookware
How gorgeous is that etched Hell’s Kitchen surface?

Tri-clad stainless with a conductive aluminum core and diamond reinforced coating allows non-stick cooking without typical non-stick coatings, and it means the that cookware is actually metal utensil resistant and dishwasher safe (although hand washing is still recommended). The cookware also works with all cooktops including induction, and is oven-safe to 480F. Lifetime warranty. *(Read more about whether and when you need to replace old pots and pans for new ones when you go gluten free.) Available on Amazon.

Kitchen Gadgets & More

Measuring Spoons

Everyone needs a great set of measuring spoons, but how about a set that is all in one, is only 0.1 inches thick, is magnetic, and doubles as a scraper (works in cake decorating, too!) and a spreader? Sound impossible? It’s origami.


Polygons are the answer to anyone’s crazy measuring spoon drawer that’s always missing that one size that you need (or is that just me??), and they’re super fun to play with, too. You’ll just have to see for yourself when you gift a set to mom. Comes in red, blue, green and black. Why not get yourself a set while you’re at it?

Cutting Board Set

Everyone needs good cutting boards, especially if they’re living gluten free — good, untainted cutting boards are a must! These beautiful boards from Joseph Joseph come with their own stainless case (with fingerprint-proof coating) for easy storage and stylish display when you’re out of space in your kitchen drawers. Choose bamboo or multicolor. Available on Amazon.

joseph joseph cutting board set
Joseph Joseph Board Set with Heritage Steel Offset Bread Knife.

Heritage Steel Hammer Stahl 9″ Offset Bread Knife

And … every bread baker needs a really good bread knife. This gorgeous, professional grade knife was designed especially for crusty artisan breads and baguettes, sandwiches and other homemade breads (perhaps like some your family has made from a gfJules Bread Mix?).

It slices through these breads with ease and speed without tearing or pulling at the bread. The offset scalloped blade also keeps your hand away from the bread and from surfaces as it’s being used. The quad tang handle has steel exposed on all four sides to provide balance and superior comfort to any size hand comfortably, and comes packaged beautifully in a gift box, as well! ($69.95)

well told wine glass with gluten free baguette

Etched Wine Glassses

You’ve probably seen me loving on these wine glasses in other posts before, but it bears repeating. Who wouldn’t love their hometown (or maybe the town where their first child was born??) on a map on their new favorite wine glass? These unique glasses make fantastic conversation pieces, and will become her favorite go-to wine glasses. ($19.95) WellToldDesign has loads of other fun things they can personalize, as well!

Queen Bee serving board

Personalized Wooden Serving Board

Whether your mom is the Queen Bee of the family, or there’s another who would love this gift, we all know who is “The Queen” in our life! This beautiful Words With Boards Queen Bee Serving Board is the kind of gift that keeps giving, as the recipient will surely be sharing something yummy on it soon!

Mom Serving Tray
Personalized lazy susan from Words With Boards

Wife and husband small business, Words with Boards, has been lauded by the likes of Oprah and Drew Barrymore as a gift company with some of the most gorgeous and unique pieces, made all the more special by the fact that you can personalize nearly any board. I’ve given many of wedding, holiday and birthday gift from this company — people just love having their name carved out of wood! You can surely find the perfect Mother’s Day Gift from their collection. 

Favorite Kitchen Appliances & More

Portable Slow Cooker

Mom may or may not have a slow cooker, but she definitely doesn’t have one that travels, insulates food and looks great at any picnic or tailgate. This Presto Nomad portable slow cooker even makes my famous gluten free Crockpot Pizza!

Presto portable slow cooker

The cooking pot is removable and porcelain-enameled (PFAS-free) and it’s seated inside the cool-touch insulated exterior. Locking lid and wide base are perfect for leak-proof travel. With a whiteboard (comes with its own erasable marker) and carrying handle, it’s the perfect gift for all the summer cookouts to come. Available in 6-Quart (shown above) or 8-Quart sizes and in other colors. (Available on Amazon)

Multi-Cooker with Clay Pot

I get questions from readers all the time looking for recommendations for appliances like multicookers without non-stick pans. Even better — a clay pot instead of a metal pan! VitaClay has revolutionized the category, from simple slow cookers to appliances like this 8 Cup, 4.2 Quart Multicooker with organic, toxin-free clay pot.

Clay pot multicooker

Cooking in clay instead of metal offers the thermal benefits of clay (keeping food warm for hours) while also enhancing flavors in whatever you’re cooking. It’s also made with a dual lid designed to retain evaporated liquids so food stays moist. This unit has 7 functions in one compact machine — everything from a rice cooker to soups and stews, yogurt, oatmeal or a reheat or delayed cook function.

Vitaclay Multicooker with rice

It makes a great pot of rice; I’ve now ditched my rice cooker for this multi-function unit.(Available on Amazon)

Indoor Hydroponic Grow Unit

For the mom with a green thumb, or anyone who can’t grow a plant to save their lives … this easy hydroponic unit is the garden answer! (See video above in this post!)

lettuce grow-2 gfJules

Lettuce Grow has released a smaller footprint of its flagship product, this one designed to fit inside most homes and it takes the work out of growing your own herbs and lettuces. The Farmstand Nook simultaneously grows 20 plants on 4 levels with LED grow lights which can be programmed and controlled by an app. Made in part of upcycled ocean-bound plastics and designed with a clean, modern aesthetic in mind, this sustainable, living food system makes growing your own food indoors easy, fun and a great family experience!

Lettuce Grow provides living starter plants in pods to fit into the modular system — greens, herbs, fruits and vegetables all may be grown in the Farmstand Nook.

Gluten Free Bread Machine

What could be a better gift than help making great gluten free bread with just the touch of a button? The trouble is, how do you find a bread machine that actually does a good job baking gluten free bread (in spite of the settings, not all bread machines are created equal!). I just updated my Gluten Free Bread Machines Review post, reviewing two new bread machines.

Comparison of 3 bread machines baking the same gfJules Gluten Free Bread Mix.
Comparison of 3 bread machines baking the same gfJules Gluten Free Bread Mix.

Check out the full post to see which machine fits your price range and features you prefer most. My current favorite: Panasonic SD-R2550. It’s not quite as pricey as the gold standard Zojirushi machine, but works great for all kinds of gluten free loaves.

Gluten Free Bread Lover’s Pack

For anyone who loves great gluten free bread, this pack is the perfect gift! #1 voted gfJules Bread Mixes, baguette pan, hamburger bun rings, internal bread thermometer, bread cookbooks … all the bread things!

gfJules Bread Lover's Pack

Brand New Gluten Free Cookbook!

Whether baking in a gluten free bread machine or using an oven, gluten free sourdough or grain free bread, bagels, artisan bread, focaccia or simple sandwich bread, everyone loves bread and we could all use some trusted recipes for making great gluten free bread!

gfjules bread book front cover

This brand new compilation of 35 of my favorite gluten free bread recipes, plus loads of tips for perfecting all kinds of gluten free bread making, will make the perfect gift! Available in ebook format or handy full-color print version with stays-flat spiral binding (why aren’t all cookbooks like this?!). gfJules Gluten Free Bread Baking Cookbook. Check out all the great gluten free books and cookbooks available in the gfJules store!

A Little Something Extra

Personalized Tea & Tin

dream tea-2 gfJules

How cute is this idea for any special mom, godmother, or mom figure in your life? You take a short “tea quiz” to tailor the tea recipe to your (or her) tastes, then put a name on the order, and the special blend from Dream Tea is prepared and shipped, making a super thoughtful gift! 14 ingredients and 3 bases (black tea, green tea, and chamomile) you can choose from fruity, floral, or earthy selections and each tin is equal to 40 cups of tea. Order yours at

Dream Tea customized tea blend

Allergy Support Honey Set

Maryland small business Bee Inspired has made a name for itself bee-ing creative with all things sustainable honey. If your mom loves honey, start here! This local honey Allergy Support Set is a thoughtful gift for any honey lover, but also for anyone suffering from seasonal allergies. Specially selected for their immunotherapy benefits, a daily teaspoon is recommended to help soothe allergy symptoms by coating the throat with seasonal allergens and pollen as collected by honeybees.

Bee Inspired Honey

Bee Inspired also has a huge collection of other candles, spa items, lip tints, teas and of course honeys, curated for Mother’s Day

Wine Lover’s Set

Drinking wine for many of us is a process and a passion. For many wines to be enjoyed with full flavor and aroma, they should be aerated if they haven’t been decanted for hours before hand. And if the whole bottle isn’t enjoyed in one sitting (who are you?!), the wine should be properly preserved. That’s where the Airtender Wine Lover’s Set from the Netherlands comes in. 

Airtender wine lover's set

The aerator microfilter in the air pump creates millions of bubbles for quick aeration of wine, but also mixes and foams fancy cocktails without need of a shaker. I saw this feature in action at the Inspired Home Show and it’s really impressive on a cocktail bar!

The set also comes with leakproof nanostoppers which fit flat against the top of any bottle for vacuum sealing, even under screw cap tops. This sealing system even allows for horizontal storage on a rack or in the refrigerator without drips, meaning you can keep that bottle fresh up to 5 times longer. (Available on Amazon)


family cookbook covers

Make a Family Cookbook

Create a memory! Gather all those favorite family recipes made gluten free and make a keepsake! This service makes it simple, you personalize it! Prices vary depending on number of pages, color versus black and white pages, and type of binding. E-book options available, too.


gfJules giftcard

And for the mom who seems to have everything … or for a LAST MINUTE GLUTEN FREE GIFT or just a gift anyone would love, give a gfJules gluten free gift card so they can pick out exactly what they want from the gfJules Store!!! Gluten free bread mix, pizza mix, muffin mix, pancake mix … flour … cookbooks, or maybe a GF Pizza Lover’s Pack — let her pick what she loves best!

Be sure to check out all the delicious ways to spoil mom by baking for her, in my Mother’s Day Gluten Free Recipe Round-Up!

*In some cases, sponsors have provided free product. Some links to products may be affiliate links. As always, all opinions are my own.  See my disclosure policy for more information. Working with select brands I love allows me to keep bringing you free recipes and great contests! I hope that in the process, you’ll learn about some of the safe gluten free products I choose for my family. Thanks so much for your support!

Pin for later, or to share with others … perhaps to let them know what YOU’d really like for Mother’s Day!

 Mother's Day Gluten Free Gift Guide |gfJules

Gluten Free Mother's Day Gift Guide | gfJules
21 Gluten Free Mother's Day Gift Ideas | gfJules

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