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The Newest Gluten Free Fad: Gluten Intolerance Intolerance

We’ve all heard of celiac disease and gluten intolerance, but have you heard about the newest gluten free fad: Gluten Intolerance Intolerance?! “Gluten Free is just a Fad.” “If you aren’t diagnosed with celiac by a doctor, you’re making it up.” “If you’re gluten-free, you might have an eating disorder.” (Before you yell at me

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Naturally Gluten Free Beer: a Closer Look

Gluten Free Beer. To a celiac, those refreshing words are almost never uttered in the same sentence. Except maybe, “I wish I had a gluten free beer!” Until around 2006, there was little to no chance this wish would come true. It seems that as long as man has been farming cereal grains, we’ve been


How to Make Easy Gluten Free Buns

It’s that time of year when BBQs and picnics are sprouting up every weekend and hardly a day goes by without firing up the grill. It’s time to make easy gluten free buns (hamburger or hot dog buns, that is!). Whether you like traditional burgers or dogs, veggie burgers or just enjoy a good bun for

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High Altitude Gluten Free Baking Tips

I get lots of questions from folks asking how to adjust gluten-free recipes for high altitude and my first answer is that you might not have to make an adjustment at all. Read on for tips to follow when gluten-free recipes need a little high altitude help!