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  • Gluten can hide in the strangest places! Always check flavored coffee, for instance. Many thanks to Eight O'Clock Coffee for making all their flavored coffees GF. For more on finding safe GF products, check this out: . Where's the strangest place you've found hidden gluten? #gluten #glutenfree #coffee
  • Spritz gluten free baguettes with water while baking for crispiest, crunchiest crust. Hop to gfJules' videos and recipe for making the most delicious gluten free baguettes. You won't believe how easy it is to make great gluten free bread! Seriously!!! RECIPE: Easy Gluten Free Pizza & Baguette MIX voted #1 by consumers!
  • How to level layer cakes before frosting and stacking. This easy method using a bread knife makes it quick and easy to remove the crown from your cakes for a level layer cake.
  • gfJules Gluten Free recipe blog has been voted #1 for 2 years in a row because Jules make gluten-free baking easy and delicious. In this quickie time lapse video, she shows how to shape and roll gluten-free bagel dough before boiling and baking. For the full recipe ( and to find gfJules #1 voted Gluten Free All Purpose Flour and Gluten Free Baking Mixes, head to
  • This quick video shows how to easily form and twist this gluten-free dough to make beautiful spinach artichoke pull apart bread. Find the full recipe on my blog, voted #1 Gluten Free Blog TWO YEARS IN A ROW!
  • The best way to be ready for making Christmas morning gluten-free cinnamon buns is to make some now ... you know, for taste testing purposes. 😋 Gluten-Free Cinnamon Buns Recipe at
  • Blendtec takes gfJules' Gluten Free Apple Bread recipe and makes it even easier! From start to finish, the entire recipe can be made in this powerful blender! Enter to win a Blendtec Blender at! For the gluten-free recipe, head to where you can find the full recipe text, along with 400 more gluten free recipes and award winning gluten free flour, mixes and books! (gfJules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour won #1 in the consumer choice 2017 Gluten Free Awards, along with 7 other gfJules products).
  • Jules Shepard, of gfJules Gluten Free Flour and Mixes introduces the 2016 Gluten Free Cookie Swap amid some of the more than $2,000 in prizes awaiting the 3 top winners in this year's contest. Learn more at for rules, lists of prizes and dozens of great gluten free cookie recipes!
  • Gluten free baking expert Jules Shepard shows how simple it is to make a flaky, lovely, normal-tasting gluten free pie crust. Using her gfJules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour--which was voted the #1 certified gluten free flour by CONSUMERS, Jules shows how workable her pie dough is, how easy it is to transfer it, and the spectacular results. Invest 9 minutes to learn how your next gluten free pie will be your best gluten free pie. Find more pie-making videos, 400 proven gluten free recipes, books, flour & mixes at
  • There's a reason gfJules Gluten Free Bread Mix was voted #1 by gluten free consumers. It's moist, aromatic, airy and oh-so-delicious. See for yourself how good gluten free bread CAN be--NOT full of holes, NOT dry, NOT dense. But bread like you remember--bread like you DESERVE! Only gfJules sells gfJules Gluten Free Bread Mix, and delivers it right to your door. Stop wasting money with brown-rice-based flours. Buy the gluten free bread mix voted #1 by people, like you, who know an awesome bread when they taste it (okay, and when they play with it, too!). Buy it today at
  • This quick video shows how gluten-free apple fritters look when frying in oil at the proper temperature. Recipe for homemade gluten-free apple fritters is found at
  • Gluten-free pie crust dough can be soft and pliable to work with-see how! With my gfJules All Purpose Gluten Free Flour and easy recipe, plus this easy trick to transfer the crust, you'll be baking pies like a pro! Recipe for Gluten Free Pie Crust:
  • In this quick video, gluten-free baking expert Jules Shepard shows all the steps to braid gluten-free bread dough into a beautiful loaf. Follow directions and recipe at to make the gluten-free challah dough ( Using gfJules' #1 rated certified gluten free all purpose flour, the dough is stretchy and easy to work with, and bakes up into a stunning loaf.
  • Making your own gluten free pizza isn't hard. You don't even need a mixer, as you'll see in this time-lapse I shot with my phone on vacation at a mixer-less friend's home. Just open a bag of gfJules Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix, add a few ingredients, add in the included yeast, and mix well. Then spread it out on a piece of parchment paper or silicon mat and let it rise. Bake for a few minutes, then add your sauce and toppings, and finish baking. See how to make gluten free pizza. Then taste how amazing it really can be--certainly better than store-bought, rice-based crusts will EVER be! Learn more, and read the RAVE reviews about this wonderful mix at
  • Gluten-free cooking expert Jules Shepard shows you in this quick video how to make easy, soft gluten-free bread sticks. Originally aired on periscope.