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Preparing for Emergencies Gluten Free

No one relishes the thought of natural disasters or unforeseen emergencies, but they are a reality we can’t ignore. Covering how to prepare for emergencies when you layer on the added complication that you or your family is gluten-free.

Gluten-Free at Work & On the Go

How do you live gluten free when you are away from the comfort of your gluten free kitchen? Specifically, while at work? Are your colleagues cool about your dietary restrictions or are they less than sensitive? Do you go out for work lunches or eat alone at your desk? How do you successfully snack, or

gluten free oatmeal breakfast

Gluten Free Oats Safe for Celiacs

Gluten free oats should be a staple of your gluten-free lifestyle, but unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation about oats and whether there really are gluten free oats safe for celiacs and others with gluten sensitivity. While there are some people who truly cannot tolerate oats, the majority of folks can add oats to their