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Celiac Awareness Day … Every Day

With Celiac Awareness Day nearly upon us, it seemed like a good time to reflect upon all the reasons why each of us should be spreading awareness about celiac disease. Information and a list of potential symptoms of celiac disease.


My favorite Gluten-Free Things of 2012

It’s that time of year for resolutions and for looking forward, but what about looking back at all the great things that 2012 brought? I’d like to share “a few of my favorite things” from this past year, gluten-free of course.


Dining Out with Food Restrictions – A How-To Guide & Review of D.C.’s Cedar Restaurant

Take the time yourself to find a restaurant like Cedar near you for your special occasions, or one you can patronize regularly. You will be rewarded with amazing, safe meals, and the restaurant will be rewarded for attending to your and others’ dietary needs. You deserve a night out once in awhile – take it with confidence and enjoy the treat of someone else in the kitchen for a change!

vegan egg substitutes

Egg-Free / Vegan Gluten-Free Baking

Eggs help make your baked goods smooth and creamy, light, fluffy and moist. So how do you replace gluten AND eggs in your recipes? Read on!


gfJules – Le Creuset Mother’s Day Giveaway!

In honor of moms everywhere, I’ve teamed up with Le Creuset to offer a Cherry Red Baking Set to one lucky winner just in time for Mother’s Day! Watch my video to hear all about it!


Make Every Day Celiac Awareness Day

Particularly in 2011- the year the FDA finally moved forward to establish regulations setting standards for gluten-free food labeling – we should all take time to educate friends, family, restaurants, retailers, doctors, teachers … about celiac disease and the importance of truly gluten-free foods for those of us who live gluten-free. Oh, and let’s celebrate with a contest!!!


Cooking Gluten-Free … During a Power Outage!

Of course living gluten-free is more challenging than living without any food restrictions whatsoever, but I had to adopt a new level of cooking creativity for the multiple days we were without power.