Saving Money on the gfJules Site

Most people try to shop as economically as possible. I sure do. There are a few ways to be most efficient on my site. First of all, gfJules Flour & Mixes are premium products. They’re not commodity priced like the store-bought brown-rice-flour-in-a-bag. The Big Boys buy that stuff by the train car full and pay a very small fraction of the price I pay for the certified, non-GMO flours I source for my products. I also don’t have funding or backers–it’s just me and my husband selling a product that actually works…but that is heavy, so, yes, shipping is A Thing. So, you’ve got a premium product, expensive shipping…and I don’t run sales. But here is what I have done to help out on what you pay.

First, after you’ve realized gfJules is the Flour For You, buy the Pack of 4 or Pack of 6, or the 25-lb bag. Those options are EVERYDAY PRICED to be 10% cheaper than the per-pound price of a single 4.5-lb. bag. I make flour almost every other month, and it has a conservative 18-month shelf life. So stock up with these larger quantities AND SAVE.

Second, try to hit the magical $89 mark and get ‘Free’ shipping (which simply means I pay for your shipping, as thanks for your $89 order).  But if you don’t or can’t hit the $89 mark, just pay for your shipping–and be the beneficiary of a multi-billion-dollar infrastructure that delivers premium products right to your doorstep in a matter of days (it’s pretty awesome–and valuable–when you think about it!).


Save 10% EVERY DAY 

w/ “Pack of 4” size option