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22 All Year To Dos

Your New Year New Gluten Free Lifestyle!

If you are not feeling as happy, healthy and as energetic as you would like — even on a gluten free diet — embrace this as the opportunity to embrace your New Year with a new gluten free lifestyle!  Sounds simplistic, I know, but no matter how long (or

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Gluten Free Cookie Baking Help

Of all the categories of gluten-free baking, it might come as a surprise to you that the one that seems to cause the most problems is not bread, but cookies! (Bread is a very close second, though!) Particularly if the cookies must be both gluten-free and dairy-free … and

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2021 Gluten Free Gift Guide | gfJules

Gluten Free Gifts

Finding gluten free gifts for foodies — and by foodies, I mean anyone eating gluten free! — shouldn’t be any harder than for anyone else, and it’s that time of year again, so I’m here to help!  The beginning of this post covers homemade gifts; the second part of

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Gluten Free Stuffing with carrots

Crash Course for a Gluten Free Thanksgiving

So, it’s nearly Turkey Time again, and shoppers everywhere are scouring the stores — or on-line — for ingredients and supplies. If you or a guest needs a gluten free Thanksgiving, your to-do list is a bit more extensive. But nothing that can’t be handled! This year’s Thanksgiving will

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