Jules interviews Maria & Ricardo’s about their gluten free flour tortilla

Craving a flexible flour (not corn!) tortilla, and don’t want to make them at home? Maria & Ricardo’s has the answer!  Jules wraps it all up in this tasty interview! If you want to have the best darn gluten free tortillas ever, and don’t mind making them yourself (spoiler alert: they’re easy to make) –

Jules interviews TJ McIntyre of Earth Balance at Expo East

Earth Balance had its huge Soy Milk release party at National Products Expo East in Boston. Learn why Earth Balance’s commitment to organic, non-GMO verification and quality US soybean ingredients make its new product line one to look for!

Wow! That’s A Lot of News!

I've just returned from a whirlwind New England adventure, capping off what was indeed an auspicious week for those of us here at Jules Gluten Free! So, let's see, where should I begin!?   First I was in Boston for the Healthy Baking Seminar, where I had the opportunity to address bakers and industrial baking manufacturers