Gluten Free Cinnamon Bun Recipe

Gluten Free Cinnamon Bun Recipe

There are few foods that evoke more ooohs and ahhhs, and generate as many fond childhood memories, as cinnamon buns. Imagine bringing those back with an amazing gluten free cinnamon bun recipe! Prepare for ooohs and ahhhs!

gluten free cinnamon rolls

Gluten free sticky cinnamon buns made in a pan.

There are two basic styles of cinnamon buns or cinnamon rolls: one is baked in a pan with syrup and nuts on the bottom, then flipped upside-down to serve; this type is usually called cinnamon or sticky buns. If you’re searching for this recipe, I’ve got one for you! Click here!

The other type is a singular bun, usually topped with a sweet confectioner’s sugar glaze. This one is  what we’ll be making with this recipe. The gluten free doughs are basically the same, but the toppings and method differ greatly. The key is in the ingredients: soft, light gluten free flour, yogurt and sweet honey to keep the dough moist, flavorful and never gritty.

For those who need a yeast-free recipe, please know that you can skip the yeast in these recipes since there are also chemical leaveners from the baking soda and baking powder, but the buns will rise and fall somewhat after baking without the yeast to give them support. They still taste great, though, so don’t be deterred!

Choose the type of cinnamon bun recipe you prefer and get baking! Remember, the ooohs and ahhhs await!

gluten free cinnamon bun

Gluten Free Cinnamon Bun Recipe

Gluten Free Cinnamon Bun Recipe


dough ingredients:

topping ingredients:

icing ingredients (optional):

  • 2 cups confectioner's sugar, sifted
  • 4 - 6 Tbs. milk (dairy or non-dairy) or orange juice -- use only enough to make a drizzling consistency
gluten free Cinnamon Buns - gfJules



Gluten free cinnamon buns, topped with a sweet confectioner's sugar glaze ... this simple recipe will bring a favorite treat back to your breakfast table!

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20 thoughts on “Gluten Free Cinnamon Bun Recipe

  1. Jules how can I convert your buttermilk biscuit recipe to a cinnamon biscuit? Should I just layer the dough and sprinkle cinnamon sugar in it? And maybe drizzle a little frosting on the top.

  2. I have one of your books that has this recipe in it. I tried it this afternoon and found that it needed some salt. I see that the recipe doesn’t show salt either. I did a taste and added cinnamon to the icing which helped some. Can you explain why you don’t add salt? Also I used the recipe for your GF flour mix.
    Thank you

    • Hi Renee, feel free to add a touch of salt to this recipe. Salt can inhibit yeast growth, so don’t add too much.
      I have several cinnamon bun/cinnamon rolls recipes on my gfJules site – maybe next time try another one and see if you like it better! I’d also recommend trying my gfJules Flour, as it performs better than any homemade mix since it contains ingredients specially formulated to add shelf life and workability to doughs.
      Happy baking!

  3. Cinnamon Buns looks great, but wondered if you had a printer friendly recipe format. Don’t want to use all the ink, and paper to print it as shown, just wondering, Jim

    • Hi Jim: Good question. And I’ve a good answer. Where you scroll down and see “Recipe Card” after the intro copy, you should see a printer-shaped icon on the right that does exactly what you’re hoping. You can select what you want to print, too, so with or without photos, etc. Hope this helps. Happy Cinnamon Bunning!

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  5. These are SO amazing! If you did a blind taste test with this cinnamon roll and a gluten-containing cinnamon roll, you’d never know the difference. Actually, you’d probably say this one is better. The cinnamon and icing is divine and the dough is just perfectly fluffy like a cinnamon roll should be. You hit it out of the ballpark with this one, Jules!

    • Music to my ears, Jessica! Thanks so much for giving a full taste-testing report! Makes me want to go make them again today, the way you’ve described them! 🙂

    • Ours are long gone, Audrey! 😉 Guess I have to make them again! Good thing they’re not hard or time consuming to make; fair warning though, it’s hard to stop at one!

    • Thanks Ali! I’d love to hear what you think, in comparison to the recipe you wrote for cinnamon rolls with my flour — yours looked soooooo good, too!!!