How Ceramic Knives Made Me a Better Cook


If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know I love to bake. I’m actually considered an expert at gluten free baking (it took me long enough, experimenting for years to get it right!) BUT … I do NOT consider myself to be an expert cook.

Breads and the sweet stuff just come naturally to me. I can look at a recipe for a muffin and see where it could be better; I can cut back on the fats in a cake and still have amazing results; I can convert glutenous bread recipes into gluten-free beauties. When it comes to dinner though, I sometimes struggle.

One reason is that I’m a heckuva lot better with a measuring cup and a mixer than I am with a knife and cutting board. I’ll freely admit it’s not a pretty sight to watch me prep vegetables (here are some good tips, though). My husband actually cringes. He’s convinced I’m going to slice off my pinky finger every time (and honestly, I nearly have). What makes it worse is when my knives are dull (which they always seem to be – why is that?). They smoosh, they don’t cut, and then the knife can slide off the side of the tomato right into any number of my digits.

P600 knives with cutting board

So when the knife guys at Precision Kitchenware reached out to offer me some new professional chef grade, super sharp, never-needs-sharpening P600 ceramic knives, I was intrigued. They wanted me to love them and if by trying them, I was convinced that they are as amazing as they say they are, they wanted me to join their affiliate program and share the information with you. (Which I was and which I am. If you want to try for yourself, use this link to learn more.)

sprouts cut with P600 knife

Using these ceramic knives, I can quickly cut through any apple, sprout or squash and not have to worry about a dull knife attacking my fingers. It’s so much faster to prep veggies for dinner — I almost look forward to it! Don’t get me wrong, you’re not going to hear me say that I’d rather cook than bake, but a girl’s gotta cook sometimes too, and these knives are making my cooking a lot easier.

So, if love your fingers and you’re as intrigued as I was at the thought of really awesome knives that stay sharp, don’t need sharpening and help you look like a better cook, please check out this affiliate link for yourself. The second best part about these knives is that through this link you can get 75% off right now, plus 7-day free shipping in the U.S.! The holidays are coming, and these would make a great addition to your Santa list … or even a “to me, love me,” gift!

Here’s the top line on why these knives are really different:

  • The P600 knives use zirconium ceramic blades — 10 times harder and sharper than steel
  • The set comes with 3 x Ceramic Kitchen Knives (1 x 4” Paring Knife, 1 x 6” Utility Knife, 1 x 8” Chef’s Knife)

  • Special Product Launch price of $69. MSRP $276 = 75% Off

  • If you don’t like them, you can return them within 30 days and get a full refund.
  • Want to know more? Check them out and order yours here.*

{P.S. If you’re interested in the wooden Gluten Free Cutting Boards featured here, check out Words with Boards!}

*please see my terms and conditions for my disclosure policy. In some cases, sponsors provided me with complementary product to use, photograph and promote; in some cases, sponsors have paid for my reviews, promotion or commissions; some links may be affiliate links. Using these links does not cost you anything. These fees are used to offset my blogging expenses and time spent working on this blog and new recipes to share. As always, my opinions are my own and I only choose to recommend products I have personally used and liked.

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