gfJules Gluten Free Restaurant Cards

Dining out safely gluten free is all about communication. Print out my gfJules™ Gluten Free Restaurant Cards and take them with you when you go out to eat, whether here or abroad. There are blanks on the cards so you can tailor them to your needs if you have additional dietary restrictions besides gluten, and spaces to explain your needs in other ways, if you prefer.

Ask that the wait staff take the card to the kitchen to be doubly sure your message is heard and understood — I recommend laminating them or putting them in a protective sleeve.

I’ve given you English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese translations, so you can dine with confidence, even if there is a language barrier!

For more tips on eating out at restaurants safely gluten free, read my article on shopping and dining gluten free and my Top 8 Dining Out Tips.


cook cards small.jpg

These are what my gluten free restaurant cards look like when you print them out, but there are more cards and alternative sizes available when you click to download or print.