Easy Gluten Free Flour Tortilla Recipe

Easy Gluten Free Flour Tortilla Recipe

Gluten free flour tortillas is a recipe request I hear nearly every week, so I’m happy to share with all my readers my easy, inexpensive, guaranteed to please, 4-ingredient gluten free flour tortillas recipe!

While not a traditional “bread”, gluten free flour tortillas can be used in place of bread as a sandwich wrap (think lunchboxes, people!), or of course as a traditional tortilla in Mexican dishes. I wistfully remember my pre-gluten free days of eating out at Mexican restaurants and requesting extra flour tortillas just to pull apart and eat on their own.

gluten free flour tortilla -gfJules

Soft, pliable homemade gluten free flour tortillas.


Of course, gluten free corn tortillas are a great thing to have on hand for that emergency quesadilla craving, but they are no substitute for a soft, pliable gluten free flour tortilla. Happily, none of us has to crave these wraps in vain any longer! Once you try this recipe for yourself and see just how easy it is to make these gluten free flour tortillas, you’ll want to keep a stash of extras for anytime munching.


Easy Gluten Free Flour Tortilla Recipe

gluten free flour tortillas
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  • Yield: 8 tortillas



Combine the gfJules™ flour, salt and shortening in a food processor, pulsing until it is evenly distributed and is a fine meal consistency. Turning the food processor back on, slowly pour the water through the feeding tube until the dough forms a nice ball. You may need slightly more or less water to achieve this consistency.

Divide and pat the dough into 8 equal-sized discs (45-50 grams each) or 4 larger discs (90-100 grams each). Set aside on a plate and wrap in clear plastic wrap. Let sit for approximately 30 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare your filling for fajitas, burritos, sandwiches, or whatever you prefer.

gluten free tortilla rolled out

After 30 minutes, preheat a griddle or large skillet to medium-high heat (do not oil the surface). Roll each disc individually on a clean surface or pastry mat dusted well with gfJules™ All Purpose Flour. This dough is capable of being rolled extremely thinly without breaking, but keep it a bit thicker to prevent the edges from crisping and cracking when cooking the tortillas. Imagine the thickness of a traditional flour tortilla and roll to that thickness, but no more.

Roll in different directions to make the tortillas round. If you are unsatisfied with the roundness of your tortillas, you can always lay a paper plate gently on top and cut a circle around to form even edges.

gluten free tortilla in skillet

Lift each tortilla gently using your rolling pin or a spatula to transfer the tortillas one at a time to the hot cooking surface. Only cook the tortillas for a very short time, so watch for when the tortilla starts to bubble with air, then flip to the other side to cook for a few seconds only – cook less than you would think you need. It doesn’t hurt to overcook the tortillas slightly, but the edges will become crispy and make rolling a bit more challenging.

gluten free tortilla cooking

When done, place tortillas on a towel-lined plate and wrap each in layers of the towel until ready to serve; if serving much later, layer between pieces of wax paper and seal the tortillas in the towel inside a zip-top bag once cooled. To reheat later, leave the tortillas in the towel and microwave briefly on medium-low heat.

gluten free tortilla stack

Makes 8 tortillas.

gluten free flour tortilla tutorial pin

117 thoughts on “Easy Gluten Free Flour Tortilla Recipe

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  2. Is there a way to make this with any other flour? I know you have to make a living, but I am allergic to corn and can not use your flour. Desperately looking for a nice way to replace everything as next to gluten and corn I am also allergic to eggs.
    Thank you

  3. Going to make this tonight. Thank you for making gluten free fun. I am a student and eating gluten free is always a bit more expensive and time consuming, but you make it fun and affordable! So thank you for making my day.

    • Well Stephanie, thank you for taking the time to drop me a sweet note! You made my day, so now we’re even! Hope you have fun making these yummy tortillas!

  4. I’m wondering if the vegetable or palm oil or coconut oil can be substituted for olive oil? I remember my mom doing this when making regular flour tortillas and they would taste amazing.

    • Certainly vegetable oil would work; coconut oil may be fantastic or it may be a flop, I haven’t had time to try it yet. Let me know if you do!

  5. These are a staple in our house! The kids are always so excited when I make them! Even my gluten eating husband seems to sneak some away from us!!!

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  7. I just made this recipe….it’s sooooo good! This was a split second decision so I didn’t have anything to use in the tortilla. I simply spread some light butter in it, rolled it and ate it plain. Yup….it’s THAT good. I can’t wait to make a bean burrito soon.

  8. Thank you, thank you thank you for this recipe! My 4 y/o princess was ecstatic that she could again have quesadillas. Just learned in addition to celiac and nut and soy allergies that she must avoid egg. Have made these twice now and the 2nd time even better!

    Questions: do yours get tough after a few days? Any suggestions as to the best way to travel with them? Do they freeze well?

    Trying your graham cracker and possibly bread recipe later today. My little one thinks she’s hit the jackpot…in her words “best ever!”

    • Oh Amy that just makes my day to hear! I’m so happy for you BOTH!
      As for the tortillas, they can get harder after a few days, so I wrap them in a towel and microwave gently or reheat in foil in the oven. I also freeze them (make a larger batch) and reheat the same way.
      You and she are going to LOVE the graham crackers – those also travel and freeze super well! The mix or recipe makes about 100 grahams, so sometimes I will put servings of them into baggies and freeze so I can grab some whenever I like. I also make some bigger and thicker for s’mores. That dough also makes fun pop-tarts, too! And gingerbread houses, gingerbread men, gingersnaps, and even gingerbread cake! I have recipes for all these on my site. Enjoy trying it all out! Oh, and the bread, too!!!

  9. Just a tip from someone who is taste-sensitive: Make sure your kitchen towels don’t smell like laundry detergent or dryer sheets…that will flavor your tortillas! Yuck. (Unless you enjoy ‘Fresh Breeze’ flavored burritos 😉 )

    • hahah – such a good point! I use the “free from” detergents and dryer balls instead of sheets so this isn’t a problem for me. Didn’t even think of that, Pamela! Thanks for the tip!

    • Hi Yvonne, it would need to be just the plain flour to make them turn out just like this, but you could certainly try a measured amount of my bread mix and see how they turn out = it might be a really interesting experiment!

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  11. I have made this recipe two times. I did not make any substitutions. The tortillas taste so close to flour tortillas and they handle the same. They do not break or fall apart. I found a bowl with an opening about the same size as a smaller tortilla, flipped it over and used it to cut my tortillas…like a cookie cutter. So, the tortillas looked perfect. By doing this, I was able to make 18 tortillas. Also, I froze them in a ziploc baggie and pulled them out and defrosted in the microwave as I needed them and they still tasted great. You are a life saver. I haven’t eaten such great tasting breads in over 5 years since I have been diagnosed with Celiac and several other food allergies. Thank you!

    • Proudmom, this is so wonderful to hear! I’m thrilled for you that you have soft flour tortillas back in your family menu! It opens up so many possibilities! Thanks so much for leaving a comment and for sharing your secret to getting the tortillas to have a perfect edge! So smart!

  12. Hi Jules!

    I made these when my flour came in and they came out really stretchy. I followed the recipe to the letter. Is it possible I didn’t cook them long enough? They tasted wonderful, just too stretchy. Or are they supposed to be that way?


    • Stretchy? Hmmmmm. I guess it sounds like they weren’t cooked long enough. Were they transparent in spots or all white throughout? Transparent spots would indicate that they wren’t cooked all the way. Glad they still tasted wonderful! People usually complain that GF tortillas crack and are brittle, so I’m happy that you’re reporting the exact opposite! 🙂

      • Yup, you caught it, I knew you would. They had transparent spots. So it sounds like I made them right but just didn’t cook them long enough. Our youngest is coming home for Christmas this weekend and I wanted to make quesadillas for him.


      • I just tried this recipe and the dough seems very much like the masa for corn tortilla. I use my gmas recipe for flour tortilla using regular flour and the texture is so very different.

        • Hi Janet, do you mind sharing your grandma’s flour tortilla recipe with me and maybe I can help figure out what would be different using GF flour? You can email it to support@gfJules.com if you’d like. Thanks!

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  16. These tortillas are delicious, versatile and easy to make and my family of gluten eaters love them.

    I’ve used them for taco’s, peanut butter & jelly “roll up’s”, deli type sandwiches, and even desert–by adding a few vegan chocolate chips to the warm tortilla…talk about a warm chocolaty delight!

    The possibilities are endless with these tortillas!

    • I love all these ideas, Teena! I can’t wait to try some of them out. Guess I need to go make some more tortillas!!!

  17. I make her with organic palm shortening. Also cut them to uniform size with a round Tupperware container that I then use to transport my tortillas in my carryon bag for vacation. If your hotel has a microwave life becomes perfect as just a few seconds in the microwave softens them so you can fold or roll them. Heavenly!

    • Great tips, Monika! I love the idea of traveling with them, as it can be so hard to find good GF choices when traveling. Thanks for sharing your method of making them nice and round, too!

    • Hey Monika, I have just placed an order for the flour. Does it taste like Indian Naan? My daughter who is celiac loves Naan and have been looking for different recipes and flour. Hope this time gfjules work out .

  18. I LOVE this recipe! I used the make your own flour recipe from GFJ and made these tortillas. Sooooo good! I am a Texas girl and LOVE my Texmex but when I was diagnosed with Celiac last year I thought my life was over never being able to have a flour tortilla again. Until now! I have made these twice now and each time they have been very good. Easy to make too!

    • So glad that real flour tortillas are back in your life, Sasha! Thanks for taking the time to write me a note – hearing that kind of thing makes my day! 🙂

    • Hi Ann,
      Solid coconut oil should be an equal replacement for shortening in this recipe (it is in most cases), although I haven’t tried it myself yet. Let me know if you get to try it before I do!

  19. One of the things my newly gluten intolerant daughter was missing the most was tomato basil tortilla wraps. Tonight I used this recipe and substituted tomato basil pasta sauce for the water. They turned out great, even better then we had hoped for.

    • Oh Cara, that sounds amazing! What a brilliant idea! I’m so excited to try that myself!!! Thank you for sharing your modification, and I’m so happy to know that your daughter won’t be missing her tomato basil wraps any longer! Adding fresh shredded basil leaves might even be a more pronouncedly delicious modification!!

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    • Hi Tannis, you can absolutely make this recipe by hand. I would suggest a pastry cutter or using two butter knives to cut the shortening into the flour, then blend with a fork.

  21. Love this receipe; they came out delicious although did not manage to roll out the dough thin because it kept on breaking. Any suggestions on what i might be doing wrong?


    • Hi Daniel, so glad you tried the tortillas! Sounds like maybe they were a bit too dry? Next time add a touch more water — not so the dough is sticky, but so it holds together without being crumbly if you squeeze it in a ball. You should be able to roll it out with out breakage, although you don’t want them to be too thin or they will crack when you roll them up with fillings.

    • I just cooked some delicious pikelets using this recipe — I had too much water so I improvised and cooked pikelets. Feeling so much better on the gluten free diet

  22. I love your flour and mixes! However, I recently discovered that I am also sensitive to corn. Any chance you have a corn-free flour in the works?


    • Hi Tricia,
      I hear you! Believe me, corn-free is on my radar. Stay tuned with my free weekly recipe newsletter and you’ll be the first to hear any news like this. In the meantime, do you have my book, Free for All Cooking? I offer a homemade corn-free flour blend in that book that you might find helpful!

  23. I want to thank you as my half Latin carboholic son has Celiac and I purchased your products last week and he’s sooo excited to make them! I ordered a tortilla maker and will follow up how well he did making them!!! Thanks for all as you’ve make many of our lives much better-especially we with limited counter space!!

  24. From a very happy customer:

    I made these for dinner tonight….. brilliant!! After YEARS of corn tortillas I decided to whip these up tonight. My children were thrilled! Finally a soft tortilla!! Even my daughters best friend had one and loved them. From now on tortillas will be made by Mom & Jules GF!! Thank you!

    • Hi Helena, I haven’t tried coconut oil in this recipe, but I would think it would work just fine. Keep it at room temp so it’s a solid when you add it. Let me know how they turn out!

  25. I made these for the second time tonight and they were so good! The first time they were okay but I guess I needed more practice. It is wonderful to see my daughter enjoy foods again that have been forbidden!!! Thank you!

    • And it’s wonderful that you tried them a second time Sylvia, eager to perfect the process! Sometimes it takes making a recipe a couple times before you get the process down pat, but I’m so glad you didn’t give up after the first time you tried it! Now you’ll have a go-to recipe for your daughter that you feel confident about making for her! Congratulations and enjoy – these tortillas are truly yummy and are great for wraps, quesadillas, burritos, chips and so many other dishes!

  26. I am really new to all of this include in free baking. I can’t use the shortening that you suggested either because it is made with soy beans. Do you think that coconut oil would be a good substitute for the shortening? Thanks so much for the recipe!

    • Hi Laura – I’m glad you’re diving into this recipe. It’s really easy and so rewarding! You could use coconut oil or palm oil shortening. Either should work, just add a touch more liquid if the dough is too dry; add a touch more of my flour if it’s too wet.

  27. This was our second time to make these and they are just eye rolling fantastically delicious!! I bought the second bag if flour just to make more tortillas. We love Mexican food and miss burrito night. After reading all the comments I think I will invest in a press and freeze a few batches. My husband and I work as a team, he mans he cast iron pan and I roll! It’s great! Thank you!!

    • Hi Tina – I love that expression: “Eye rolling fantastically delicious!” I know exactly what you’re talking about – great description!!! LOL! Good idea about the press, too – if you make them a lot, it cuts the time down, although they are pretty darn quick and easy the “old fashioned way” too! :)

  28. I just made these tortillas earlier today (with my own flour mix of white rice flour, tapioca, and cornstarch), and they’re really good, but after I rolled them out it was hard because they kept breaking in the process of rolling them out and getting them into the pan. That has happened with other homemade GF tortilla recipes I have made before too. I was just wondering why or if you have any suggestions for next time. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Grace, I suspect that your mixture is just not made for great rolling. There’s no binding agent to replace the gluten so stretchy-ness is out of the question. When I write recipes, they call for my flour blend because it works in these recipes. I’d highly suggest that you give it a try and get back to baking with success! Unlike regular wheat flour where any brand will do, all gluten-free flour blends are created quite differently and have different attributes. You really can’t necessarily substitute a different flour into a recipe made with another blend in mind, and expect to achieve the same results. You can use my flour in a wheat flour recipe, but you can’t often use another GF flour in wheat flour recipes or my recipes and expect great results. Hopefully you can try my blend so you can enjoy delicious tortillas again!

  29. This recipe is fantastic and FUN! My husband and I had a wonderful time making tortillas together! The best part was how delicious they were! It was such a treat having burritos with soft flour tortillas. Thank you!!

    • Rita – I have heard from several readers who have just used their favorite dumplings recipe and used my Jules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour in place of wheat flour — they’ve all said that the recipes turned out great!

    • Marie, without a food processor, I would suggest using a pastry cutter by hand or a stand mixer with beater attachment, if you have one.

  30. Jules,

    What is actually the difference between using butter, shortening, or the Earth Balance shortening sticks? Do the tortillas come out the same by using any one of these? The only place I find the Earth Balance is at a Whole Foods which is 45 minutes away.

    Love your products.

    • Pam – I’d recommend using regular shortening the first time you make these, so that you know what the consistency should be like. The butter can make the tortillas harder to work with because of a higher moisture content. Hope that helps!

  31. Hi Jules, my husband was diagnosed with celiac intollerancy and I need to prepare dishes with ingredients that is totally unknown to me. Thank you for your blog it helps me with recipes but the problem is we live in South Africa! We don’t get your flours and goodies here and I have no idea wat goes in your All purpose GF flour. I managed to get rice flour, soya flour and potato flour. How can I use these? Please help??

  32. I have an electric tortilla press/cooker. Do you think this recipe would work cooking them that way? Or do I need to really roll and cook on a comal/griddle?

  33. Jules, I must say you are the answers to my prayers. Yesterday Iwas just thinking,when will you give me a tortilla recipe and there it is today. Wow, I didn’t even have to ask. You know our needs. I am raising my grandson )have since birth)and he is allergic to dairy & glutens. Your flour and recipes have made all our lives so much better and I thanks you from the bottom of my heart. We have loved everything you have provided for us to make. keep up the good work!!

    • Oh Diane, that’s wonderful! You don’t know how happy it makes me to know that I can help folks make delicious favorites again, safely! Don’t hesitate to search my blog anytime to find more recipes to suit your needs! This tortilla recipe is definitely a go-to favorite for my family as well!

  34. Hi Jules! Where can I buy your Jules Gluten Free flour? Do health food stores carry it? Can one use rice flour instead? There must be something in your flour to hold it together? I live in Idaho and would like to try these! Thanks!

    • Maxine – you can order my flour and have it delivered to your door straight from my website and there is also a retail list on my site so you can look to see if there is a retailer near you. Unfortunately just using rice flour will not work well in a recipe like this. A blend with some starches in it and xanthan or guar gum will work best to hold the recipe together, where rice flour on its own would be gritty and fall apart.

  35. Hi Jules… Where do you find Earth Balance Shortening Sticks? I have a daughter who is allergic to wheat, eggs, soy, nuts, and milk…Would these shortening sticks work for her? I have looked for these in the past but can’t find them anywhere. I have purchased your flour, cookie mix and bread mix and they are fabulous! Thank you.

    • Hi Sheila, I buy my Earth Balance shortening sticks at Whole Foods or other local organic grocers. I have only found the spreads in regular grocery stores, unfortunately, but you can always ask your local store to carry them for you. Unfortunately though, the EB Shortening Sticks contain soy. What I’d recommend is to try their Soy-free Spread or their Coconut Spread — you’ll find more spread with these two products than with the sticks, so keep the products very cold when you use. The other option is for you to use Spectrum Palm Oil Shortening or to use a brand of Coconut Oil (it’s a solid at room temperature). Those are great shortening substitutes that meet your daughter’s dietary needs. Glad you’re loving my mixes and flour!

  36. I’m going to try this recipe for soft tortillas and southern style rolled dumplings. I’m missing chicken and dumplings and the weather is getting cooler….

  37. Can you tell me how to make this if I do not have a food processor? I have a bosch and a vita-mix but no food processor. Didn’t know if you had any suggestions for an alternate way of making these….

    • Helen- you can use any mixer you like, or even by hand with a pastry cutter. I just find that it’s easier with a big, strong food processor. Food processor absolutely not required. Thanks for asking!

  38. Yours is definitely the best tortilla recipe I’ve used (and I’ve done a lot of experimenting). But I started adding an egg, and that makes the tortillas just a little less brittle. Have you ever tried adding an egg? Actually, I usually double the recipe and just add one egg to the whole batch, and that’s enough. Thanks for your great recipes and interesting notes.

    • Hi Sherry- so glad you love my tortillas! I haven’t found them to be brittle enough to need the egg, but eggs always add moisture and elasticity, so it wouldn’t hurt the recipe, I’m sure! Thanks for sharing your recipe tweaks and ideas! We can all learn from each others’ experiences, and I love hearing how other folks modify or love to use my recipes!

  39. JULES! I can’t believe your timing! Yesterday we had a family birthday party on our deck. We ALWAYS have tacos for birthday parties. For the past year I’ve had to eat mine as taco salad on top of tortilla chips. My wonderful husband did the shopping for the party and at the last minute I realized he bought chips I couldn’t eat (because of other food issues). I stood right there and said to myself, ‘I need to look on Jules’ website and see if she has a recipe for tortillas!’ And now, here you are, Johnny on the spot!

  40. Sounds wonderful Jules, however I do not own a food processor. Can I mix with a beater or blender and get similar results?
    Thanks, Darlyn

    • Hi Emily, I haven’t run the nutritionals on most of my recipes yet, as the software and wo-man-power is costly! However, I do have the nutritionals for all the recipes in my ebooks. Someday soon, I hope to be able to add nutritionals for all my blog-posted recipes as well!

  41. I have been craving flour tortillas, soft, pliable… and corn is NOT it!!

    Can these be baked using a tortilla press/baker? Hmm, do I need to try that myself…? Oh yet another task to undertake in my ever shortening day! :-)
    ~Mrs. R

  42. Ok. I’ll admit it. I thought “Tortillas? No way! Disaster waiting to happen. Waste of flour. Time consuming and messy, etc, etc.” I am still very new to cooking gluten free so I am still skeptical about some things. Well, I was wrong. Your tortilla recipe is fantastic! My daughter has been missing a yummy “flour” tortilla. Sometimes a corn tortilla just is not what she wants. Wow. These are great. I am about to make another batch to see how well they store/freeze. Tonight we are eating fajitas!

    Thank you Jules!

    -Alicia Fanning

    • I’m so happy you all can enjoy real flour tortillas again! Corn tortillas just don’t always cut it! And I’m glad you found the recipe to be easy, as well. I made a big batch for my mom when I was visiting and froze them for her – they turned out great!

      • Jules – I wanted to make your tortillas – have 15lbs of flour from you on the way this week for our holiday baking. Question when you say “divide and pat into 8 discs” can you clarify size ? The size of Pancake, dinner roll, 3″ etc ? I read on to realize that this step must be a “rough round” then it rests 30 min before rolling out. Sorry if the question is foolish – just trying to follow it accurately. Thanks – keep up the great work – sure appreciate your flour.

        • Hi Dana, no question is foolish, especially not a baking question! From memory, I’m guessing around 4″ discs — the size of the disc doesn’t really matter as much as just getting them all the same size. Forming them into a disc shape as opposed to a ball just makes your life easier when it’s time to roll them out! You’ll see when you make this recipe – it’s really pretty easy and pretty forgiving. If you measure your discs and have time to come back and post your notes before I get a chance to make this recipe again, please do! Enjoy that flour, girl!

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