Gluten Free Spritz Cookies Recipe

Gluten Free Spritz Cookies Recipe

Spritz cookies are always associated with Christmas. Small, perfectly-shaped pop-able shortbread-like cookies in festive colors, adorned by sprinkles and just begging to be eaten. How much more fun are these then, that they are gluten free spritz cookies?!

While store-bought gluten-filled spritz are ubiquitous on grocery store shelves this time of year, finding gluten free spritz cookies at the holidays has been like finding the cookie unicorn. Until now. This recipe is so easy (where has it been all our lives?!) and of course, homemade is always better!

Gluten Free Spritz cookies


In German, spritzen means “to squirt,” which is exactly how you make these merry cookies. The dough in spritz cookies is heavy on the butter (or vegan butter substitute) so that it is soft enough to push through the spritz cookie press, also affectionately referred to as a cookie “gun” like this one: spritz cookie press

The recipe makes a pliable gluten free dough — even when made vegan – and makes lovely shapes that you can decorate before or after baking, to put your own spin on these jovial cookies.

gluten free spritz cookies with sprinkles

With my award-winning gfJules Flour, these cookies are light and just the right amount of sweet with none of the grit that usually comes with gluten free. In other words, bake up a batch of these babies and take them to your office party. I dare you. No one will ever know they’re gluten free, and you can nosh away on delicious holiday cookies along with everyone else. I call it “cookie inclusion.” You should try it.


Gluten Free Spritz Cookies Recipe

Gluten Free Spritz cookies

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  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 6-7 minutes
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 36 cookies



Preheat oven to 375° F.

Cream butter and sugar together until smooth. Add extracts and egg or substitute. Slowly stir in flour and salt until fully integrated.

Divide dough into the number of colors you would like to make with your dough. Return one portion to the mixing bowl and add food coloring to the desired color. Remove to a separate bowl and cover to keep soft. Repeat with remaining dough.

Prepare your spritz press by selecting the disc for the cookie shape you choose. Fill the spritz press with the color dough you like, then press out onto a clean, ungreased, unlined cookie sheet. The dough will not stick to the sheet and detach from the press if the cookie sheet is lined with parchment or is oiled.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions for specific instructions on how to use your press to make all the cookies. Sprinkle with sanding sugar or gluten free sprinkles before baking, if desired.

Bake for 6-7 minutes and remove before the cookies begin to brown. Gently loosen them from the cookie sheets with a spatula while hot, then allow them to cool for 5 minutes to remove to a wire rack.


(recipe is easily doubled)

Gluten Free Spritz Cookies - the unicorn of gluten-free cookies is here with this deliciously easy recipe! gfJules

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11 thoughts on “Gluten Free Spritz Cookies Recipe

  1. So… I am trying to make these and the dough is very crumbly. When I put the dough through the gun it is VERY difficult to push out and then just come out in one long string that I have to cut with a knife to get off. What did I do wrong? I followed the recipe EXACTLY.

    • Hi Sara, often it’s necessary to cut the dough with a knife when it comes out of the spritz gun, as it doesn’t want to separate. I always keep a butter knife handy for that. Otherwise, were you using my gfJules Flour? Did you weigh or use a cup measure to measure your flour? Here are some baking tips on that. It could be that the measurements were off just enough to make the dough too stiff to work easily with the gun. How did they turn out when baked?

      • Had same problem. And I felt it needed more taste. Love the flour but need to experiment with to have them come out just a little better taste. Have been using your flours and love and recommend the products.

  2. I used to make Spritz cookies with my mom every year at Christmas time, man this brings back memories! I haven’t ever tried making them gluten free, thanks for the recipe!

  3. So do we use parchment paper/oil surface or not? I use parchment to avoid cross contamination and would have to purchase a new cookie sheet.

    • I use parchment in ALL my baking EXCEPT spritz. The dough just won’t stick and come off the gun. You could try using a knife to cut the dough off the gun and place them on parchment if you don’t have any clean trays. Hope that helps!

  4. Do you think this dough would do okay frozen and thawed? Would love to double the recipe to have some dough on hand! (Also WOW it’s been a long time since I had a real, homemade spritz cookie. Can’t wait!!)

    • Hmmmmm, not totally sure, Jules, but I don’t know why not! It would need to be thawed well, as it won’t go through the gun easily if it’s too cold, so factor that thawing time into your baking plan. Let me know how it goes!