Jules’ Favorite Baking Tools

Gluten Free Baking Tools I Can’t Live Without

Traveling around the country teaching cooking classes (and toting these favorite baking tools everywhere I go!), I am constantly asked at class and in follow-up emails, “What’s that?” “What do you use that for?” “Where to you buy that?” “How much does that cost?” “Do I need that?” … My Recommended Products page has made it so much easier to answer!

Here are some of my top baking tools (and no, you don’t need all these, but they make your gluten free baking life much easier!):

Rolling Pin Cheesecloth Cover (super cheap but helps keep dough from sticking to the pin without having to use a lot of gluten-free flour, which can dry out the dough)

Instant Read Thermometer (I take my bread’s temperature before I remove from the oven or bread maker – must be 205-210° F or it’s not done!) More gluten free bread baking tips here!

Bench Scraper (helps to lift pie crusts when transferring and to roll cinnamon rolls, yule logs, etc.)

Pie Crust Saver (easy on, easy off to keep the crust from over-cooking and becoming hard)

pastry wheel
pastry wheels make ravioli, pop tarts, pie crust and more, even easier!

Pastry Wheel (great for cutting ravioli, graham crackers, pop tarts … all my faves!)

Pastry Cutter (works the butter or shortening into the flour easily without over-processing, for recipes like pie crust and scones)

Beater Blade (does my rubber spatula scraping for me, while the mixer is running! Makes my stand mixer work even better!)

Parchment Paper (I won’t bake cookies without it! Helps keep cookies from sticking to the pan without using oil which leaves a greasy residue)

Tovolo and Silpat make my favorite silicone pastry mats.

Silicone Mat (absolutely necessary for lifting a pie crust onto the pie dish – see my step-by-step pie crust photos; also keeps rolling surface clean & gluten-free!)

English Muffin Rings (I use these to make homemade gluten-free hamburger buns! Brilliant!)

Food Scale (makes it easier to be sure you have the right amount of flour for your recipes – my gfJules™ flour weighs 135 gr / cup)

gfJules' Favorite Baking Tools will make your gluten free baking life so much easier!



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