Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (or Bars)

Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (or Bars)

If you’re craving a really good cookie (one like you remember before going gluten free) they why make anything but the BEST gluten free chocolate chip cookies recipe? Chewy in the centers, crispy around the edges, never crumbly… this recipe hands-down makes the best gluten free chocolate chip cookies or bars around.

These cookies are easily made dairy-free and vegan, and can take on a totally different taste, depending on what add-ins you use. From the traditional chocolate chip, to a 4th of July favorite of white chocolate chips and blue and red M&Ms … and anything in between! Check out my gfJules Cookie Mix ebook for even more ideas of how you can take this scratch recipe OR my super easy and reliable gfJules™ Gluten-Free Cookie Mix and make 12 yummy different cookie recipes that will fool all your friends. No one will ever know these incredible cookies are GF!

You’ll want to stock up on my cookie mix or print this recipe and keep it handy. In fact, I usually have some of this yummy dough in my freezer at all times for cookie emergencies — you just never know when you might have one!

gfJules Original cookie Mix with bite

Gluten free cookies and milk, anyone?



Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (or Bars)

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  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: approx. 60 cookies



Bring the butter and shortening to room temperature, then beat together with sugars until light and fluffy – several minutes. Mix in the vanilla extract and eggs until combined.

In another bowl, whisk together dry ingredients. Gradually stir these dry ingredients into the sugar mixture. Stir in chips and nuts, if so desired.

You may bake this dough immediately or scoop dough into a container (metal, if possible) and cover tightly. Refrigerate or freeze until very cold.

gluten free cookie dough

Preheat oven to 350° F (static) or 325° F (convection).

Drop by measured tablespoonfuls onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, at least 1 inch apart. Bake for 8-9 minutes, or until the tops are lightly browned. Let them stand 5 minutes before removing them to cooling racks.

Makes approximately 60 cookies.

gluten free cookies after dough


To bake cookie dough as bars …gluten free chocolate chip bar cookies

Spread the chocolate chip cookie dough into an oiled pan. If you’ve already baked out a batch of cookies, you will probably only have enough dough left for an 8×8 pan, but you could use a jelly roll pan or 9×13 if you have a full batch of dough.

Spread evenly & bake at 375°F for about 20 minutes. Remember, just like baking cookies, take these out of the oven just BEFORE they look totally done. They’ll keep baking a bit longer when you remove them, and this way they’ll still be nice & chewy in the middles.

*If you want an even easier way to get to the world’s best chocolate chip cookies or bars, try my gfJules™ Gluten Free Cookie Mix!

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies or Bars - gfJules


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89 thoughts on “Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (or Bars)

  1. Hi Dear Jules! It Antonia. I just got this recipe, and right away a did it. , It is absolutely beautiful. My egg was flex meal. Sugar was only honey, because I can not have any of the good staff. Chocolate chips, in mine are Carub. and I uzed Eart balance spread.
    It is Excellent! with Your flour mix, what I can have,
    So Dear Jules Thanks a Million Antonia.

  2. Wow. Made these tonight. Came out perfect. I think the cooling on the pan made all the difference and made them so soft.

  3. I am so excited, Jules! I just received my 50 lbs of your flour and immediately opened it and created a new cookie for my cookie business! I made turtle cookies, with milk chocolate chips, caramel bits, caramel m&ms and pecan pieces! I brought some to work and passed them out to neighbors and they all loved them and couldn’t believe they were gluten free! It feels so good to finally make a great cookie and not have to add anything else to make them taste “real”! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    • I’m so happy for you, Donna! And so excited that you dove right in and started baking. Don’t you love when no one knows what you’ve created is GF? It’s the BEST! I wish you every success in your cookie business – those Turtle cookies sound insanely delicious!

  4. Hi Jules,
    Wondering if you have any suggestions….
    I tried to make these vegan & they came out sandy , crumbly dry mess, no browning at all.
    Here’s exactly what I did:
    Used Earth Balance Butter sticks and regular Crisco shorteningas I didn’t have Earth Balance shortening sticks in.
    I used Sugar Leaf for the regular sugar which is a combo of cane sugar and stevia ( you use 1/3 the amt of sugar called for), & I used Coconut Palm sugar in place of brown sugar.
    Ener-G for the eggs.
    I got so frustrated I threw an egg into the rest of the batter thinking that would help but was worse ! LOL, trying to surprise my vegan son with a perfect vegan, gf chocolate chip cookie for his birthday…not !
    Your flour of course ; )

    Any ideas??? Wondering about the combo of replacements I used….always an experiment going on I’m my kitchen !

    • Hi Kathleen, I always use Ener-G in this recipe with great results, so my money is on the Sugar Leaf sub. Can you make them for him using regular sugar? The browning comes from the cane sugar or regular brown sugar, so I know that will help with that aspect of it. Cookies can be tough with sugar replacements because so much of a cookie’s cookie-like aspects come from sugar. Also, with Ener-G egg replacer, sometimes you need to add a bit more liquid than the egg replacer recipe calls for, so if the dough is still crumbly and dry when mixed, turn the mixer back on and whip a couple tablespoons of your favorite milk into the batter to make it more like the chocolate chip cookie dough you would expect. Let me know if these changes help!

  5. I am eager to try this recipe for my celiac sweet tooth husband. Neither of us really like shortening. Will the recipe work if I leave the shortening out and use butter instead?

    • Hi Denise, I understand your reluctance to use shortening, but I would recommend it in this recipe because using all butter will make the cookies more thin. Butter is 80% moisture and shortening is 0% moisture, so you can imagine how that would change the body of the dough. THAT BEING SAID, if you wanted to use all butter, I’d recommend baking these as bar cookies to help support the structure of the dough, and see how you like it. If you decide to use some shortening, I would recommend a brand like Spectrum Palm Oil Shortening – it’s tasteless and also works great in things like frostings! I hope that helps answer your question!

  6. I tried this recipe with your flour and they were perfect! I did brown the butter first, then added the shortening and the rest of the ingredients. I doubled the chocolate chips also.
    Browning the butter gives the cookies an even richer flavor. Thank you for developing such an amazing flour! I look forward to trying other recipes on your website.

    • That’s wonderful to hear, Nancy! I haven’t made this by browning the butter first, but oh my! that does sound delish!! I can’t wait to hear about all the other yummy goodies you’ll be baking now that you have my flour!

  7. Just finished making these fabulous cookies. Made a minor change. Instead of your flour I used President’s Choice GF flour. I baked them as soon as I mixed the dough. Didn’t refrigerate the dough like suggested. I used a small melon baller scoop for a consistent size of cookie. Also, I slightly pressed the cookie dough with a fork. They turned out beautifully. I ended up with 80 cookies, minus a few that of course had to be tested for quality control. Great recipe that I will make again. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Hi JoAnn, so glad you loved the recipe, even with a different flour. You just never know how things will turn out when you switch up the flour, so I’m glad for you it wasn’t a wasted effort! I’ve never heard of that flour blend before; good to know it works in my cookie recipe! 🙂

        • No wonder I haven’t heard of it – thanks for clarifying! Just so you know, we do deliver to Canada — it’s pricey for the first 10lbs but after that the base price doesn’t go up much, so our Canadian customers tend to order a lot at one time to bring the per-pound shipping price down.
          Happy baking!

    • Oh how wonderful, Karen! I’m so happy for you to have yummy homemade chocolate chip cookies back in your life! Thanks so much for taking a minute to let me know!

  8. I bought your cookie mix on Amazon in the new 22 oz canister and would like to use it to make chocolate chip cookie bars. Can you please give me the recipe for this? I’m not sure how much of the mix to use as it seems your recipe is based on the mix in the box. TIA

    • Hi Cathy, the canister you bought on Amazon holds the same amount of mix as our other packaging, so using one canister for the cookie recipe or bars is what you’ll do. The directions for baking them as bars is at the bottom of this post. Happy baking!!!

    • Hi Jessica, it’s not necessary, but Dan sometimes help the dough to integrate while mixing. Hope that helps!

  9. I went to my local grocery store and found your products on the shelf. I was super excited because I wanted to try, but wasn’t sure about ordering. I picked up a small bag of your flour and made these cookies. These are AMAZING!! I took them to my nephew’s birthday party so that I would have a dessert I could eat, needless to say, everyone was eating them and some even went for the cookies instead of the cake!! I have drunk the Kool-Aid and will be ordering more products. I have also passed your recipes on to others. Thank you!!

  10. I made this cookie dough and it is very gummy, almost like taffy. I am waiting for the cookies to bake now, so they may be fine ……

    ….. they don’t taste bad, I’m just not sure that was how the dough should be 😀

    • Hi Koquinn – it can be thick, but I wouldn’t describe it as taffy-like, exactly. Did you use my flour? Did you beat it for a long time (that can sometimes make GF batter tackier/gummier)? Did you refrigerate it? If it’s very gummy or thick, you’ll want to press down on the cookie dough to flatten it somewhat before baking because it may not spread much. Let me know how they turned out!

  11. Please help. I made an Italian family cookie recipe with gf Jules flour, chilling the dough overnight before forming the individual cookies into concentric spirals. The dough is supposed to yield cake-like cookies since it contains milk. But the cookies came out with a spongy texture. Can you tell me what might have gone wrong?

    • Hi Anita, it’s difficult for me to know what might have happened to make them spongy instead of cakey (although they sound great either way!) without seeing the recipe. Could you email it to me at [email protected] and I’ll look it over and see if I can come up with a suggestion? Thanks!

  12. Jules, I just received my bulk order of flour. After trying the sample I couldn’t wait to get started baking, but I have to admit I didn’t have high expectations. I’ve tried a lot of flours and commercial products without much success. I had pretty much decided I would always have to settle for subpar or worse to stay gluten free. I was SO WRONG! I tried this cookie recipe tonight with my new flour shipment. My husband and kids thought I had cracked and made Toll House cookies. They were even better in my opinion. I almost cried. I haven’t had a decent Chocolate Chip cookie in two years. My husband said we should send you a Thank You card! Thank you so much for sharing your recipes and flour with us. We are so grateful. My family can’t wait to try other recipes. Our GF future looks much brighter.

    • Tonya I so appreciate you taking the time to write me a note about your experience with my flour! This is exactly why I do what I do — I want others living gluten free to have the best of everything without compromise because we’ve all had to settle for too long. I’m thrilled for you and your family that you have great recipes to look forward to and now are excited to be baking again! The best recipes are those where your family and friends think you’ve baked them something with gluten – I LOVE when that happens! Congratulations and happy baking Tonya!!!

    • Hi Karen, you can definitely sub butter for the vegan butter, but using all butter in this recipe will make the cookies more likely to spread. Butter is 80% moisture and shortening is 0% moisture, so you can see how that would skew the recipe somewhat. You can use traditional vegetable shortening, the Earth Balance shortening, coconut oil or palm oil shortening with success. Hope that helps!