Easy Gluten Free Cake Pops

Easy Gluten Free Cake Pops

This no-special-pans-required, easy gluten free cake pops recipe will quickly become one of your favorites! If you’ve ever wanted to make cake pops, but thought you needed special pans or tools, you will love this simple recipe. The trick to yummy cake-pops is actually in the frosting, not the pans!

Easy Gluten Free Cake Pops in jars

Chocolate, vanilla or any cake flavor in between — they all make great gluten free cake pops!


Just bake your favorite gluten free cake, crumble it into smaller pieces, stir in some basic frosting and mold with your hands to make quick and easy cake pops of any size and shape!

So next time you need a fun treat to take to a party or are looking for a portion-controlled piece of cake, make gluten free cake pops!Cake pops are a particularly useful way to re-purpose leftover cake when making a Surprise Cake or a cut-out Spider Man, Treasure Chest, Football, Ice Skate Cake … you get the idea.

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Easy Gluten Free Cake Pops

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Bake and cool gluten-free cake. Using your hands, crumble cake into a large bowl until uniformly sized, as pictured.

Stir in frosting, 1/2 cup at a time, until the cake and frosting holds together when squeezed together in your palm, as pictured.

Shape to the size you desire for your pop.

Using a double-boiler or a glass bowl in a microwave, heat and stir chocolate until it is smooth and melted.

Dip the end of a straw or cake-pop stick into the melted chocolate, and insert into the middle of each cake pop.

Easy Gluten Free Cake Pops Ball as flower

Even without sticks, this recipe makes yummy cake balls without the stick!

Roll the pop through the melted chocolate and then sprinkle with sanding sugar or gluten-free sprinkles.

Lay on wax paper to cool and store in Tupperware-type containers before serving.

I hope you love this recipe as much as we do!

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This easy, no-special-pans-required easy gluten free cake pops recipe will quickly become one of your family's favorites! Made with gfJules of course!

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5 thoughts on “Easy Gluten Free Cake Pops

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  2. Tried just chocolate chips and the dip was too thick. The cake pop fell off the stick and the coating was just weird and uneven. Maybe candy melts are the way to go? ????

  3. Hi Jules
    I was wondering about the shelf life of these?? We all know that gf baking goes stale quicker than regular so I was just wondering how long these stay “fresh” for. Tia

    • Hi Julia – great question. If you’re worried about shelf life, you’ve picked a great recipe. First off, the gluten-free cake when made with my flour has a longer shelf life than most GF baked goods (my flour contains a natural preservative). Also, you’re adding frosting to the cake itself in order to form the balls, and then you’re dipping them in chocolate or more frosting which seals in the moisture. All together, these will stay nice and yummy for days. Of course, you can also freeze them – your choice. Enjoy!

  4. All the links in the easy gluten-free cake pops recipe take me to gfjules front page. I can’t open the tiny, tiny pictures, I can’t check out the links to other recipes mentioned in the article. Please fix this.