Gluten Free Angel Food Cake

Gluten Free Angel Food Cake

The polls are in, and there was a resounding victory cry on my Facebook page for a gluten free Angel Food Cake recipe! I’m happy to oblige, as fresh berries and hot days naturally call for a light dessert complemented by the flavorful fruits so abundant this time of year.

Plus, I love a challenge, and I’d heard from far too many of you who were craving a great gluten free Angel Food Cake recipe, having had bad experiences with heavy gluten free flours, trying and failing to make one themselves.

gluten free angel food cake

The good news is these failures aren’t your fault; it was likely the fault of your heavy, gritty gluten free flours.

The nice thing about making an Angel Food Cake with my gfJules™ Flour is that its properties are super similar to a light, fine, wheat-based cake flour. Since there is no grit or funky aftertaste with my flour, the clean flavor of this light cake shines through without even a hint of being gluten-free.

Kimberly M's gluten free angel food cake

Customer Kimberly M. even used a bundt pan with this recipe and it turned out beautifully!

tube pan

A tube pan with detachable bottom and “feet” is ideal for baking angel food cake.


So put any reservations aside about making a gluten free Angel Food Cake. This recipe is easy, and requires nothing more than a good mixer (with whisk attachment) and a tube pan.

Oh, and the right flour.

reader gfJules Gluten Free angel food cake

Seriously, don’t go near this recipe with a brown rice flour or bean flour blend. Just don’t! You want light and fluffy, don’t you? My award-winning gfJules Flour will get you there with this recipe and any other your heart desires.

Here’s what some other customers said about this yummy recipe made with my gfJules Flour:

“Wow. Just wow. I used to eat Angel Food Cake all the time as a child, and this gluten free version is EXACTLY how I remember the non-gluten free version!” ~Esther

“Gluten free angel food cake is virtually indistinguishable. With all of those beaten egg whites, the cup of flour is really only a binder. And Jules light fluffy flour is simply perfection.” ~Dawn B.

Don’t waste your time and energy when the results will just be sad (and will make you sad). I want the best for you and for your baking! Trust others who have enjoyed sweet success with this recipe using my gfJules Flour. This heavenly good cake could soon be on your table ….


One more note about this recipe. If you’re the kind of person (like I am) who hates to waste any food, you’re going to want some recipes for all those leftover egg yolks!

Make challah bread! It’s my favorite way to not waste the yolks! My favorite use for egg yolks is to make this divine gluten free Challah Bread which just so happens to use 5 egg yolks — double that, and it’s the perfect solution (this bread freezes well, too! Another option is to freeze leftover yolks for custard or curds! 
You may be able to find cartons of just whites at the store, but always read the manufacturers’ suggested uses, as most will say that they are not recommended for whipping; if that is the case, they will not work well for recipes like this gluten free angel food cake. 

gluten free angel food cake

gluten free angel food cake

Gluten Free Angel Food Cake

Yield: 10-12 servings
Prep Time: 50 minutes
Cook Time: 40 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes


  • 1 cup (135 gr.) gfJules™ All Purpose Gluten Free Flour
  • 2/3 cup + ¾ cup white sugar, divided
  • 10 oz. egg whites (approximately 10 large egg whites)
  • 1 ½ tsp. cream of tartar
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp. almond extract
  • strawberries or other fresh berries, shaved almonds, whipped cream


Have a 9 or 10-inch tube pan ready, but DO NOT OIL IT!

Separate eggs, discarding the yolks or using for another recipe (like challah!). If any yolk sneaks into your whites, scoop it out with the egg shell, or just make your life easier and use pasteurized egg whites.

Measure and transfer egg whites to a clean metal mixing bowl. Allow to sit for 30 minutes, or until they’ve come to room temperature.

Adjust oven racks so they are in the lowest positions. Preheat oven to 325° F (static).

Whisk together the gfJules™ Flour and 2/3 cup sugar in a small bowl, then set aside.

Add cream of tartar, salt and two extracts to egg whites, then beat on medium speed until fluffier, with soft peaks, approximately 4 minutes.

Gradually add ¾ cup sugar while beating, then increase mixer speed to high and beat until stiff peaks form, approximately 4 more minutes.

Slowly fold in flour mixture, about 1/2 cup at a time, stirring gently with a rubber spatula to incorporate the dry ingredients without beating the egg whites down.

Transfer to the un-greased tube pan. If many air pockets remain, cut through batter with a butter knife to release larger pockets.

Bake approximately 35-40 minutes, or until the top is lightly browned, dry and springs back to the touch. A toothpick inserted into the center of the cake should come out clean.

Remove cake from the oven and invert the pan over top of a glass (like a wine or liquor) bottle so that the cake is suspended upside-down to cool for approximately 1 hour. The cake may fall out of the pan during cooling, so check frequently to make sure it doesn’t smash the top of the cake, if so.

If the cake does not release during cooling, run a butter knife around the inside and center tube of the pan. Gently flip to a platter or serving plate.


I hope you love this recipe as much as we do!

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If you've been missing Angel Food Cake, you need this gluten free recipe in your life!

"Wow. Just wow. I used to eat Angel Food Cake all the time as a child, and this gluten free version is EXACTLY how I remember the non-gluten free version!" ~Esther If you've been missing Angel Food Cake too, you need this recipe in your life! |gfJules

Gluten Free Angel Food Cake

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71 thoughts on “Gluten Free Angel Food Cake

    • Hi Patty, you’ll need to consult with the container of pasteurized egg whites you are using to see what it says the measurements should be and whether they recommend using them for whipping into recipes like this. Some of those products recommend against using in this kind of recipe and I don’t want you to be disappointed!

  1. Hey Jules: Just made your angel food cake recipe and I have to say that this is the BEST EVER!!!! I have always eaten this cake from a box, but being diabetic and now GF, this is the best I have ever eaten, and so easy to make! I used box egg whites and cut back to 3/4 cup of sugar. Perfect amount of sugar for me. I didn’t even get a chance to put the strawberries and cream on! I couldn’t wait to taste it and before I knew it, I had eaten half the cake. (made in bundt pan) I have made sandwich bread, cinnamon bread, angel food cake and today will be peach pie! Thank you so much for making it easier to ENJOY food that you love.!! Your GF flour is a must!!!!

    • Oh Sandie that is so wonderful to hear! I’m so excited that you loved this recipe as much as we do! And that you’re enjoying so many others of my gluten free recipes, too! Nothing makes me happier than to hear that folks are putting my recipes and my gfJules Flour to good use!!! HAPPY BAKING!!!!

  2. Yum!! My son only likes angel food cake for his birthday so I tried your recipe. It was perfect. I did use a small carton of egg whites which said it was 10 eggs, but it was a 16 oz. carton. I went for it and used the entire carton since it said 10 egg whites. It filled the entire pan after cooking but never spilled over. It was perfect and so yummy! Thanks for helping us maintain our gluten-free diet. I’m new to being gluten-free, and you definitely help with your recipes.

    • Oh Jennifer, I’m so happy to hear that! Another friend of mine just baked this gluten free angel food cake for her son’s birthday cake as well — what is it with boys and angel food? So glad we have a great recipe for them, at least!! And thanks so much for taking the time to share what you did with regard to the carton of egg whites; I know this information will be helpful to others who may be looking to use a carton instead of wasting egg yolks. Happy birthday to your son, and may all your gluten free baking be happy, too!!

  3. This was the best angel food cake I have ever made! Even my mother-in-law has raved about it to others. she couldn’t tell it was gluten free.

    • That’s a real recipe victory, Linda! Congratulations on winning over your MIL with this gluten free angel food cake!!!

  4. Baked beautifully and tastes awesome! Is there anything I could do to stop it from falling out? It just isn’t as pretty since it fell out 10 min into cooling. Thank you so very much for this wonderful recipe and your great flour!

    • Hi Angie, I’m thrilled to hear you loved my gluten free angel food cake recipe! I hear you on the falling out part though — I imagine that did detract from the final result if it fell out after only 10 minutes of cooling. Knowing that for next time, I think I would say that leaving it upright would be the thing to do with your pan; maybe flip it after 10 minutes of cooling right side up? This recipe doesn’t tend to stick as much as some angel food cakes can, so falling can be a problem in you don’t watch closely (it’s happened to me too!!).

    • Hi Christa, while most recipes are able to be made without eggs, I don’t recommend trying an angel food cake with egg substitutes. It’s just not going to be anywhere close to the same. The nearest substitute would be using aquafaba, which you can read more about in my article on vegan egg substitutes. I have lots of other great gluten free cake recipes on my blog which you can bake egg-free; feel free to try one of those instead!

  5. Mine really didn’t work. It might just be because I’m a bad baker but it looks bad and it tastes worse. I want to try it again because I must’ve gone wrong somewhere especially since all the other people in the comments says it worked. I plan on retrying and hoping it turns out better.

    • Hi Olivia, I’m glad to hear you haven’t given up! We’ll figure this out – let me know if you used any alternative ingredients other than the ones listed. Also, did you measure the flour by weight or using a measuring cup? If a measuring cup, did you scoop with the measuring cup or with a spoon INTO the measuring cup and then level off with a knife? It sounds picky, but it can make a difference. There are some other general baking tips that might help in this article on baking advice and FAQs you might want to check out as well. Look over these things and let me know if anything stands out as maybe a place where something went wrong or you did something different and I’ll try to help!

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  7. Hi Jules,

    I only use your flour and have for quite a few years. My homemade gnocchi and pizzelles (my Gramma’s recipies) not only come out great, but lighter and better.

    Currently, I’m on the FODMAP elimination diet and have been refined sugar free for quite some time. I use pure maple sugar in my pizzelles with great success and wonder if I can use it in this recipe. 🤞🙏 I plan to give angel food cupcakes as Christmas gifts next week.

  8. OMGoodness! I truly can hardly believe I can still have angel food cake and it is delicious! We are at high altitude and have had issues making gluten filled angle food cakes over the years. This turned out beautifully! Thank you so much!

    • Oh goodness, Randi, so glad you didn’t have to continue to go without heavenly angel food cake! Even at altitude! I’m thrilled it worked out well for you!!!

  9. I measured the all of the sugar together & put it in my food processor. I grinded it up for a few minutes, making it superfine. I then took out 3/4 cup for the eggwhites. I mixed the remaining 2/3 c with 1 c of jules gf all purpose flour in the processor for 1 min or so. I followed the recipe until it was time to pour it into the pan. I am the only one who will eat these so I opted to make cupcakes rather than a full cake. Better portion control! The batter was so light & fluffy that it made 11 large muffin sized cakes! I did not grease the pan but rather used non-stick. I enjoyed 1 & then bagged the rest indivudually. I kept a few in the frig & froze the rest in a large ziploc bag to pull out as I enjoy these over the summer! Thanks for the easy to use flour & tasty recipe!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your method and your brilliant idea of making these in muffin pans, Margie! I will have to try that next time! Thanks for taking a moment to share all that great info. I’m glad you loved the recipe!