Homemade Gluten Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipe

Homemade Gluten Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipe

Gluten Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream was like a mirage to me, back in what I call the Dark Ages of Living Gluten Free. I could find no palatable gluten free, dairy free substitutes for anything whatsoever.  When I was diagnosed with celiac disease in the 90’s, I had to kiss one of my most-loved treats good-bye: raw cookie dough (shhh – don’t tell!). When I later learned I was lactose intolerant, I also had to give up my late night straight-from-the-carton-ice-cream eating hobby as well.

Doing without both of these things may have benefited my waist-line, but not my heart.  It’s actually what drove me to create my own flour and write my own recipes!  Necessity has always been the mother of invention!

gfJules cookie mix

So it was that years later I created the perfect gluten-free chocolate chip cookie, which fortunately or unfortunately meant that I had delectable doughy treats whenever I wanted them!  I later fell in love with new coconut, almond and cashew dairy-free ice cream options, so nothing could stop me! Gluten free, dairy free (yes, vegan!) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream now threatens my hips once more, but boy is it making my mouth happy!

I’m so excited to share this super easy and too delicious recipe with you! I cheat and use my favorite So Delicious® Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream instead of making my own from scratch, but you could certainly make your own ice cream or homemade frozen yogurt. The key is in the amazingly yummy cookie dough! I also cheat a little and use my gfJules Cookie Mix + Earth Balance® Buttery Sticks and Enjoy Life’s® new Mega Chunk dairy-free, soy-free chocolate chunks, but you could use my from-scratch cookie recipe instead. Either way, life is definitely good again!*



Homemade Gluten Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipe

  • Author:
  • Prep Time: 10 hours (includes freezer time)
  • Total Time: 10 hours (includes freezer time)



Bring the Buttery Sticks and Shortening to room temperature, then beat together with half of the cookie mix until light and fluffy – several minutes. Mix in the egg replacer, until combined. Gradually stir remaining mix into the first mixture. Stir in chips and nuts, if so desired.

Spoon out small teaspoonfuls of dough and place on a plate or bowl, cover and freeze (they may be rounded or unshaped dough balls). Freeze until very cold (overnight is ideal). You’ll have more dough than you need so you get the bonus of making the rest of dough into cookies!!!

Pick your favorite ice cream or non-dairy ice cream; allow ice cream to thaw slightly so that it is easily stirred. Scoop frozen dough balls into the ice cream and mix to distribute. Return to freezer to set until ready to serve.

*Since writing this recipe, So Delicious® has actually come out with their own Gluten-Free and Vegan Cookie Dough Ice Creams! So, there’s yet another yummy option when you’re short on time and long on your cookie dough ice cream craving!


*Prep time includes freezing time

Gluten Free Dairy Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream- gfJules



Creating a recipe for Gluten Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream has been on my bucket list-I'm so glad to share this easy, too-good-to-be-true recipe with you now!

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316 thoughts on “Homemade Gluten Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipe

  1. I “liked” your page on FB!!! I would love to have all those wonderful things for me & my son! We loooooove cookie dough icecream, but haven’t had any in 2 years now since we went GF

  2. Thanks to everyone who entered! We all win with a yummy end-of-summer recipe like this one, but the prize winners are:
    1st prize: Jett Presser
    2d prizes: Bonnie Belliston; Jaimie; Nikki; & Kasey.
    Look for emails from me and send in your mailing addresses! Congratulations!!!

    • Thank you so much, Jules! I didn’t realize I had won until the coupon came in the mail today. It is much appreciated & will likely be part of a college care package for our celiac daughter. She’ll be thrilled. :)

      • Jaimie – fantastic! Glad you got the coupon! We didn’t hear back from you (shame on you – you should stay in better touch! LOL!) so we looked up your address in our database. Hope that was ok. I wanted you to get your winnings! Enjoy!!! :)

  3. I liked Jules page a long time ago.. Jules’ flour is a staple in our home and its normal for us to use at least 2 -3 bags a month :) I also liked earth balances page.. We have always used their buttery sticks and love them :)

  4. I liked your page because my mom found out we were all Celiac 3 years ago, and it has made us all feel better. My little brother was the worst though.. he doesnt speak or function at all for months if he has one gluten cracker. But is a healthy kid now that we are gluten free. My mom buys your flour and makes the best food for us, and it makes me happy to have my normal little brother back :) Madison 7 yrs old :)

  5. It’s very kind of you to offer these great products! I liked your page on FB, and even left a comment of some things I’m wondering about in my flours. I’m sure whoever gets this will be well deserving!

  6. I “liked” your fb page a lot. We could really use something fun after Irene. We are in NC, your home state! Plus, I already have your cookie dough in the freezer!!

  7. I would absolutely LOVE these products so I can make some ice cream that I know won’t bother me. I have had horrible luck with ice cream these days making me sick. And while I scoop up 5 bowls of ice cream for the rest of my non gluten free family, I sit there with my packaged pudding or fruit! Having the real thing for once would be awesome! Especially cookie dough, which I haven’t had in years! I liked the Enjoy Life page since I have already liked Jules.

  8. I’ve been a facebook fan for a long time now. I love your flour blend! In my family of 6, 4 of us have celiac disease (myself & my 3 daughters) so being able to make things gluten-free & delicious is something that I spend a lot of time on. Your most recent book (Free For All Cooking) has been a lifesaver to me, especially since my nephew has dairy, egg & soy allergies as well. Thank you so much for everything you do for the gluten-free and celiac communities! I follow 1in133.org as well and it thrills me to see the work you are doing to get standards in labeling. You are an admirable woman in so many ways! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  9. I like your Facebook page. :-) I have been diagnosed with CD for 19 days. After replacing food and the cooking basics, i am going broke. Needless to say, my kitchen lacks much fun right now! The prize pack would be a boost to my (and my very patient and understanding family) morale. :-)

  10. I liked your page on Facebook a while ago when my friend was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

    I have a small baking/chocolate business and she was so sad to think she would be missing out on all of my goodies now, so I did my research and have made her sweet tooth very happy! I love the recipes you have on your blog and I have grown very fascinated with baking GF that I make some sort of GF treat every week for my friend! If I win the bowls I am sure we would enjoy many study breaks aka movie nights (who is really going to use that college degree anyway?! ;) ) with some awesome GF cake and ice cream!

  11. Hi Jules,
    I already Like you on facebook. and have left many comments…
    I would love to try so delicious’s dairy free ice cream I already enjoy their milk.
    the bowls are adorable and match the apron and other things I won on my silent auction to benefit Susan B. Komen foundation

  12. Wow! My family and I have really gotten into making home made ice cream this summer so to be able to make cookie dough ice cream will be fun! I cannot wait to try this recipe out!

    My Mom came and helped out for a week while I was recovering from surgery and the 1st day she was here she found my stash of your cookie mix and made a batch of cookies. She lives gluten free as well and could not BELIEVE how moist the cookies were! I sent her home with a few bags of the mix.

    Thanks for bringing life and TASTE to the gluten free world!!!!!