Gluten Free Toaster Pastries Recipe (Gluten Free Poptarts)

Gluten Free Toaster Pastries Recipe (Gluten Free Poptarts)

Who are we kidding? Gluten Free Toaster Pastries? Who even says that? It’s like saying “facial tissues” or “adhesive bandages” when we all know we’re talking about “Kleenex” and “Band-Aids.” So, I say, cut the pretense and call these the real deal, because this recipe makes gluten free poptarts!

gluten free poptarts from gfJules

Pop Tarts are one of those childhood pleasures that we never give up as we age. Offer any grown-up one, and you’d be hard-pressed to find one who would turn you down. Go gluten free, and you start craving all those kinds of things that were so taken for granted before, no matter what your age or status in life.

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I love taking those gluten-filled favorites and converting them to gluten free. Every time, I feel like I’ve scored a victory in some undefined playbook of gluten v. the good guys/girls! So score one for the good team with this gluten free poptart recipe and do your whole family a favor by making these treats this weekend.

No toaster necessary, but of course, feel free to use one, especially if you make a double batch and freeze some for hurried mornings down the road. You’ll be so glad to have these at the ready!

gluten free pop tarts on pan

I’ve used both apple butter and gluten free instant oatmeal in this poptart dough to hold it together deliciously without eggs, so these are both gluten free and vegan, plus they pack extra flavor and nutrition into this yummy, flaky pastry. Score another for the good team! I’d like to see a gluten-filled “toaster pastry” do that!

Avoid runny jams or anything too thin as it will just seep out the sides when baking. It will still taste yummy, but it won’t be as neat and pretty to look at. Also, the leaked jam may burn in your toaster when you re-heat them. Again, not a deal breaker, but not ideal either.

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So apple butter or a thick preserves will do nicely for these special treats. From my family to yours!

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Gluten Free Toaster Pastries (Pop Tarts) Recipe

gluten free pop tarts for school breakfasts

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  • Prep Time: 30 mins.
  • Cook Time: 25 - 30 mins.
  • Total Time: 60 mins.
  • Yield: 10 pop tarts


Pop Tart Ingredients:

gfJules note: it’s important to use the right oats in gluten-free baking. First, they MUST be purity protocol and CERTIFIED gluten-free so they are not contaminated; second, they should be instant, or “baby” oats. This kind of oat is softer and bakes up without disconcerting stiff groats to worry about. In a flaky pastry dough like this one, using the wrong oats will cause the dough to not hold together well and the texture will not be as nice.

Pop Tart Glaze Ingredients:

  • 3 Tbs. confectioner’s sugar
  • 1 tsp. + milk of choice


Stir to combine certified gluten-free instant oats with boiling water and set aside to thicken.

Using a large food processor or stand mixer, pulse or whisk the next 4 ingredients (gfJules Flour, sugar, salt, baking powder) until blended. Cut the cold vegan butter into small chunks and pulse briefly until the mixture looks pebbly or starts to come together.

Measure out ¼ cup of cooked oatmeal and add, together with apple butter and cold water, to the flour-butter mixture, either by pulsing in the food processor or mixing with a stand mixer. Process or mix just until the ingredients are fully integrated and the dough is holding together. (If there is any extra oatmeal, save it for eating later!)

Wrap dough in plastic wrap and freeze for 10 minutes or refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, or until cold and not as sticky.

gluten free pop tarts - process 1Preheat oven to 350° F.

Once dough is chilled, prepare a pastry mat or clean countertop by dusting liberally with gfJules™ flour. Roll the dough to a thickness of 1/8 inch. Cut rectangles using a 3×4½ inch cutter or using a butter knife to cut evenly-sized rectangles.

Cover two baking sheets with parchment paper and gently transfer half of the rectangles to the parchment paper. Spoon apple butter into the middles of each rectangle, leaving a ½ inch border around each rectangle for sealing. Don’t put too much filling in, or it will seep out the sides as it bakes.

Dip a finger in water and dampen the edges of the rectangle. Lay another rectangle on top of each filled rectangle and press gently around the edges. Using the tines of a fork, go around the edges of each tart and press to further seal the two pieces of dough and provide design.

Cut a letter (might I suggest a “J”?) with a knife or poke holes with a toothpick into the top of each tart to allow steam to vent. Brush with your milk of choice and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon or Demerara sugar.

Bake in preheated oven for 25-30 minutes, or until the tarts are lightly browning but are not crunchy.

Remove to fully cool on a wire rack or serve warm. Drizzle with glaze when cooled, if desired (recipe below).

Optional: freeze fully cooled tarts and reheat in a toaster before serving.

Makes 10 tarts, depending on size.

Gluten Free Pop Tarts Glaze (optional)

Once your gluten free pop tarts are cooled, stir to combine milk and confectioner’s sugar until a smooth mixture is made.

Add more confectioner’s sugar if the glaze is too runny and would just slide off the top of the pastries; add more milk if the mixture is too thick to be easily spread. Drizzle or spread with the back of a spoon on top of the pastries you would like to top.

Allow to dry before wrapping or freezing for serving later.

Don’t forget to use the RIGHT oats if making this recipe for someone with celiac disease or a severe gluten sensitivity. For more information on why and how to find them, go to my article on gluten free oats safe for celiacs.

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Easy gluten free & vegan pop tarts make breakfast fun again! gfJules

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66 thoughts on “Gluten Free Toaster Pastries Recipe (Gluten Free Poptarts)

  1. Could be canned pie filling be used instead of Jan filling? I have some red raspberry pie filling that’s pretty thick.

  2. I haven’t made these as yet, buy plan to do so. I was thinking that “all fruit spread” as found in the jelly/jam aisle in grocery store could possibly serve as filling. Comes in several flavors, what do you think ?

  3. These are really awesome gluten-free toaster pastries! They’re great, as you said, to put in lunches because they’re durable. And either eat them at room temperature, or pop them in a toaster or microwave, they are delicious either way!

  4. What if I want to put a berry jam in my pop tart instead of apple butter? Will the apple butter in the dough flavor it and not mix well with my jam? Thoughts? Thanks! Excited to try these.

    • Hi Mary, no worries there. The apple butter in the dough doesn’t really flavor it much at all. A touch of sweetness but not too apple-y. Use whatever jam you like in the filling, I’d just recommend it not be too watery. Let me know what you try!

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    • Hi Healing123,
      WOW- when we migrated over the recipes from my old site to the new one, some of the formatting got screwy and this one was really bad! Thanks so much for pointing out the problems! I have reformatted it and I hope it all makes sense now! Boiling water added to oats, then measure out 1/4 cup and add as instructed. Milk is for glaze, if using.
      Hope you enjoy the recipe!

  6. Hi Jules! Can’t wait to make these! Can I use stevia instead of the sugar in the dough? I know that you can sub it in some recipes but not others. If stevia would change the texture too much, I may try coconut sugar. Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes and wonderful products. Yours is the only gf ap flour I use.

    • Hi Kiera, so glad to hear that you are having great success with my flour! As for a sugar substitute in this recipe, you could definitely use coconut sugar, or you could give Baking Stevia a try. There’s not much sugar in the dough so it’s easier to make a sub in this type of recipe. Come back and let me know what you tried and how it works!

  7. I am SO excited to try these… maybe for Mother’s Day weekend :) If I make it into a fun time with my boys in the kitchen it could be just the fun I was trying to find for us!

  8. These look amazing!  Like so amazing I may have to make them for my wife tonight!  Jules, you have so many great recipes on here!  You have become my go to source for delicious gluten-free recipes. 

    • So happy to provide yummy recipes for you and your wife! And what a sweet hubbie to make the yummy treats for her!!! I hope you enjoy this one, too!

  9. I have used the Earth Balance Soy Free in the tub with great success, the soy free sticks are not available here.  The tub version has worked beautifully in everything I have tried though.

  10. I love the idea of gf “Pop Tarts”, and am ecstatic they are low in sugar.  I have pear butter here, not apple.  Do you think that would work?

  11. O my!! Like poptarts but I shy away from them cuz they are premade n tons of sugar, no gluten issues here but I think I’m going to try making them, they sound delicious!

  12. OK, so I’m not gf or vegan but am changing my baking/cooking slowly but surely.  If I were to use regular oats, would that work the same?  Obviously quick oats so they would be smaller? 
    Also – flour….could I use an almond flour?  Or coconut flour?  Would that be weird? 

    Again, I’m new to this stuff, so am learning!  But I used to love me a pop-tart, until I found out what was in them.  Bleh.  These looked delish.  Thanks!!!!

    • Hi Tiffany, regular quick oats would work fine here. As for the flours, you could use a blend of almond, coconut and maybe a gluten-free starch. It’s not the type of recipe where you could just simply use almond flour or coconut flour straight up as a sub for a blend. Let me know if you experiment and how they turn out!

    • Hi Ann,
      This is still my temporary site, so we haven’t added things like handy pin it buttons yet! They’ll be there soon, when my new site is fully up and running. In the meantime, I go to pinterest and add the pin there by clicking on add from the web. Hope that helps!