Gluten Free Baguette Recipe

Gluten Free Baguette Recipe

One of the most popular recipes I’ve shared at gluten free food expos is my gluten free baguette. It draws a crowd every time. The smell of fresh-baked yeast bread, the gorgeous crust, the crunch on the outside with the pillowy soft centers … I haven’t met anyone yet (gluten free or not!) who didn’t think this gluten free baguette was incredible.

There are a couple of secrets I’ll share with you about getting this gluten free French Bread just right.

Gluten Free Baguette piece

One is to use my gfJules™ Pizza Crust Mix. I know it sounds crazy but it’s a no-fail, so-easy-you-could-make-it-every-night critical ingredient. I’ve given you a scratch recipe to use with my flour if you’d prefer to make it without the herbs that flavor my pizza crust mix, but you must use my gfJules™ flour and either milk powder or almond meal, as noted. Both ingredients are essential to achieving the crunchy crust with the soft centers. (This recipe is easily doubled, by the way, just use the whole canister of my gfJules™ Pizza Crust Mix and have enough to share!)

Another option is to use my gfJules Gluten Free Bread Mix. The mix makes it easy to make two large gluten free baguettes. These will be more like a whole grain version of the traditional white French bread, and they’re somewhat less crusty on the outside but no less delicious. You can see from the photo below that the texture is light, with nice air pockets throughout. It’s a great way to get homemade bread quick! Only 20 minutes to rise and 20-25 minutes to bake — how’s that for a win-win?

gluten free baguette with basil and mozzarella

Gluten Free Baguette made with gfJules Gluten Free Bread Mix. Wooden Gluten Free Board is from


Unless you have an industrial spritzing oven for baguettes, another key is hand spritzing with water. You need a clean spray bottle and you need to spritz, spritz, spritz if you want your baguette to be crunchy. If you’d prefer to make a softer Italian Bread loaf, don’t spritz, and cover the bread during the second half of the bake time with foil to keep it soft all the way through.

A third secret is the method. Take a moment to watch my quick video to see just how easy it is to make a beautiful baguette without even getting your hands dirty!

Click on the photo to watch this quick video showing how to make gluten free baguettes!

Click on the photo to watch this quick video showing how to make gluten free baguettes!


baguette pan I suggest using a baguette pan for the best results, but you can use a cookie sheet lined with parchment in a pinch; the crust just won’t be as crunchy and it won’t be as nicely rounded, but it will still taste yummy!

So go forth and bake baguettes like a pro! In France, it’s routine to buy a fresh baguette every day — now you can make a gluten free one, easily! And if anyone asks, I give you permission to share my secrets — no one should be denied the pleasures of delicious fresh-baked gluten-free bread!


Gluten Free Baguette Recipe

Gluten Free Baguette sliced sized
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* Use entire can to DOUBLE recipe, using DOUBLE the ingredients beneath ‘PLUS’ below (makes 2 long or 4 medium baguettes!)



  • 2 egg whites, room temperature OR 1 Tbs flaxseed meal or chia seed steeped in 4 Tbs warm water
  • 2 Tbs. extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp. apple cider vinegar
  • ½ cup warm water (if making from scratch, add 2 Tablespoons additional water)
  • 2 1/4 tsp. rapid rise yeast, gluten-free (1 packet) ** (for yeast-free directions, scroll to the bottom of the recipe)
  • egg wash (full egg or egg white + 1 Tbs. water) to brush onto the dough
  • water to spritz onto dough
  • toppings of choice


gluten free baguette

Gluten free baguettes made with gfJules Pizza Crust Mix and brushed with whole egg wash for darker browning of the crust.

Bring all ingredients to room temperature. If warming egg whites, place whole eggs in a bowl of very warm water for a few minutes while gathering other ingredients.

If mixing from scratch, whisk together dry ingredients except yeast; set aside.

In a large mixing bowl, combine egg whites, olive oil, cider vinegar and 1/4 cup of the water.

Using a stand mixer (preferably), slowly add in the dry ingredient mix.  Gradually add remaining 1/4 cup of water to get a firm but very sticky dough.  Pour in the yeast** and beat on high for an additional 2-3 minutes.  (Note: this recipe may be mixed by hand in a large bowl, using a fork or wooden spoon and very strong muscles – stir as long as you can!).

Prepare a baguette pan or cookie sheet by lining with parchment and lightly oiling.

Pour one teaspoon of olive oil into a gallon sized zip-top bag and spread around so the inside is coated. Cut a one-inch corner out of the bag. Scoop the dough out into the bag squeeze toward the cut corner. Squeeze evenly so that the dough comes out of the corner of the bag and pipes down the length of the baguette pan or across the cookie sheet. If doubling the recipe, repeat the process until two baguettes are formed.

Brush with egg wash or simply spritz with water. Use a sharp knife to cut across the tops diagonally about 3 times so that the dough will rise evenly and spread open at the cuts. Sprinkle any additional toppings at this point.

Lightly oil a sheet of parchment and lay on top of the baguette. Place in a warm place  like an oven preheated to 200° F then turned off. Allow the baguette to rise for 20-30 minutes, then preheat the oven to 375° F (static) or 350º F (convection).

gluten free baguettes in pan

click for quick video

Remove parchment covering the baguette and spritz again with water. Bake for 20 minutes, spritzing again 1-2 more times during the bake for the crunchiest crust. You may also place a pan with water on the bottom of the oven to add additional moisture.

Check after 20 minutes by sticking a toothpick into the center of the baguette. If it has wet dough stuck to the toothpick when removed, bake for another 3-5 minutes, then check again until the toothpick comes out nearly clean or with crumbs attached.

The cooking time may vary depending on whether using a baguette pan, but when done, the baguette should be browning at least slightly (more, if using a whole egg to brush on top) and be crunchy when tapped.

Remove to cool before slicing.

** Yeast-Free Directions: do not use yeast packet that comes with the mix; instead, add 2 tsp vinegar + 2 tsp baking soda + 2 tsp. baking powder. Chef Patrick Auger also recommends using club soda in place of the water in this recipe when baking yeast-free.


Gluten Free Baguette  - just like you've been dreaming about! It's crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. And it's EASY to make at home with this recipe and how-to video. And wait until you see my tip for shaping them without even getting your hands dirty!  |

gfJules gluten free baguette tutorial pin

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    • Hi Anita, did you cut the tops of the baguettes before baking? That usually helps to guide where the cracks happen, but they will occur in a baguette because the outside is supposed to be crunchy, while the inside rises and expands during the bake. I hope that they still tasted yummy!

      • Hi Jules,
        Thank you for getting back to me. Yes I cut the tops of the baguettes. They tasted good however, the cracks were all over the baguettes .

        • Hi Anita – that can happen. It’s all about how much the bread rises after the outside crust has formed. You could spritz with water again before putting in the oven, then cover with oiled foil for the first ten minutes, then remove it and spritz again to finish the rest of the bake. That might make it prettier for you!

  2. Do you have a weight measure for using your flour to make the baguettes? I have made them with the pizza mix; however, would like to make them with the flour mix as I’m more apt to have that on hand. I probably get too much flour by scooping and scraping off, or spooning and scraping off. Thanks for the great baguettes!

    • Hi Nan, for reference, 1 cup of my gfJules Flour should weigh 135 grams. I don’t know why I didn’t have that measurement in this recipe, but I’ve added it – thanks for pointing that out! It’s 202 grams for this recipe. I’d love to know what you think of the from-scratch recipe in comparison to using my Pizza Mix! Happy baking!

  3. I am EXCITED. Ordering a baguette tray right away. Your pizza crust mix is awesome. My husband LOVES the pizza. So I KNOW the baguettes will also be great.
    And Jules, a while back, I asked if you would make a rice free flour….and from what I see, your pizza crust mix lists rice as a very end of the list ingredient – which would mean there is likely very little, right? This might work pretty well for my rice intolerant daughter AND my celiac husband!

    • Hi Dawn, yes, rice is the smallest flour ingredient in my flour blend and my pizza mix – good eye! I don’t know how much rice bothers her, but there’s very little in the mixes (except graham cracker – lots of rice in there because it’s supposed to be gritty like a graham cracker!), but they do contain some, so not suitable for anyone with an actual rice allergy. I can’t wait to hear how you all love the baguettes!!!!

  4. Can’t wàit to try these! I used to use these for stuffed French toast and we have really been missing it since going gluten free!

  5. He Jules. Can’t wait to try to make your Baguettes for the first time. I don’t have the pan yet so will be using a cookie sheet. Can this be made with any flour since I am allergic to corn so can’t use yours. Also what can I do in place of the egg wash? I am also highly allergic to eggs. Would olive oil brushed on top work to get them brown.

    • Hi Connie, I’m glad you’re eager to try this recipe – it’s a great one! Not sure what to tell you about using any flour. The short answer is no, definitely not just “any” gluten free flour will do. Have you looked at my article on making your own flour if you can’t have corn? I would start there to make a blend that way that suits your dietary needs. About the egg wash, yes, just use oil to brush on top and I would suggest a flaxseed meal and water substitute for the egg whites in the recipe. I hope that helps! Make sure to build up some “walls” around the bread since you’re not using a baguette pan. This will keep the bread from spreading too much. Also, without the baguette pan, it won’t get quite so crispy on the outside — just so you know what to expect. Let me know how it goes!

  6. can you add sourdough starter to the pizza mix??

    Do you have a sourdough recipe for a loaf of bread with your 8+ lbs of your flour that just arrived..??? We love sourdough everything.


    • I’m SO glad you’re loving my flour!!! You can absolutely add sourdough starter anytime you like. Funny story about my sourdough recipe … (not so funny, actually): we moved earlier this year and I had just devised a great sourdough recipe and baked what felt like a hundred loaves, and somehow lost my notes in the move. hahaha – not. Anyway, it’s on my list to do, and in the meantime, if you have a good sourdough starter recipe you love, just use my gfJules Flour instead. Also check my GF Cuban Bread Recipe for another starter. ENJOY!!!

  7. Have these baking now, I seem to always write while things are baking, I have no pan, no spray bottle and just use a baking sheet and sprinkle using my fingers, its alway perfect. Someday my family will not use my spray bottles for everything but what I purchased it for.!

    • hahaha – I completely understand how those spray bottles mysteriously go missing! So glad you’re making the best of it on a regular pan with sprinkled water, and that you didn’t let a little thing like a missing spray bottle hold you back! Enjoy those baguettes!!!

  8. Hi Jules,
    So I was so excited to make my first gf Babette today with your flour. I followed all of the instructions carefully but need your advice.
    I didn’t watch your video until after I made the baguette. I noticed that my mixture, which I did by hand, was no where as sticky looking as yours. I could not find almond meal so I used almond flour/meal. Not sure if that made the texture different?
    After making the bread dough, I didn’t find that it rose as much as I thought it should. I left it a bit longer, still didn’t rise that much.
    I cooked the baguette in the baguette pan and had to leave it in 10 extra minuetes. I used the water to spritz on it three times.
    Unfortunly the baguette was gummy inside.
    Can you tell me what I did wrong?
    Can’t wait to try it again.
    Thanks so much.
    Loved making cc cookies and oatmeal/raisin cookies with your flour and recipe….they came out perfect and delicious!

    • Hi Pat, I’m so glad you love making chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal/raisin cookies with my flour – those are some goodies!
      As for the baguette, the almond flour could have something to do with it. You say yours wasn’t as sticky as mine looked to be – do you mean that yours also wasn’t as wet? If not, I would suggest adding more liquid next time so that it is more pliable and not resistant. If it’s too tight and drier, it won’t be able to rise as easily and that could contribute to it being uncooked in the middle. Also, do you measure by volume or weight? Measuring by volume can throw off a recipe if it’s not exact, which could also be a problem. The absolute easiest way to make sure you get a great baguette is to use my Pizza Mix because the ingredients are all in and it’s pre-measured. If you try again from scratch and still have troubles, I’d suggest trying the pizza mix so you can feel what the dough should be like and know what the results can be.
      I hope these ideas help, Pat, and that you don’t give up because the baguettes can truly be amazing!!!!
      Let me know how your experimenting goes!

  9. Hi Jules. Because I have a rice intolerance, I make up my flour mix using substitutions to your flour recipe. I made this and it came out looking gorgeous but the crust was soft and the interior almost spongy. It tasted good but wondering what I did wrong? Maybe I just need to keep trying. At least it wasn’t a brick! lol

  10. Used my baguette pan for the first time forgot to score it. Will be used as croutons and bread comes this weekend for our wine dinner. House smells great

  11. I recently bought the 1.05 lbs 17 Oz. bag of the gluten free pizza crust mix. The bag says it makes two Pizza crusts so you have to double the recipe, but it says nothing about how many baguettes it makes. The box you hold up in the video seems much smaller than this bag. So now I am not sure if I should follow your baguettes recipe but only use half the bag, or double the recipe. Or should I just use the entire bag and follow the recipe exactly… a bit confusing. This bag definitely seems bigger than the 1.5 cups of flour that you offer as an alternative, making it from scratch. Please advise!!

    • Hi Liza, we recently transitioned our packaging to the bag you received, but each back is the same as the one box in the video (although you’re right – the bag does look bigger!). To make the baguettes in this recipe, you follow the directions for half of the pizza mix you received — the same as you would do to only make one 12 inch pizza; that amount will make 2 medium baguettes. If you want to make 4 baguettes, use the entire bag of mix. I will go back into this recipe and add information about the new packaging because I bet you’re not the only one who is wondering. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! If you have any more questions, feel free to email me directly at Happy baking!

  12. Hi Jules-
    I live at 6,300 FT and can not get the baguette bread to rise. I tried both the pizza crust and the individual ingredient recipe. both came out like baseball bats. I also had a hard time with the mixer. Can you over mix the dough? Do you have any tricks on the yeast, should I add more? I am new to baking and know very little. . I am dying for a baguette. I’ve had no problems with the regular bread mix in the machine.

  13. The flavor and texture on this recipe are spot on. I used an off the shelf GF Flour which I never tried before (common grocery or retail), subbed Almond Flour (I wasn’t sure what Almond Meal is/was) and added small variants (1/8 tsp lemon juice, grape seed oil, 1/2 Tbsp of sugar, whipped the egg whites)… and used a spray bottle. The recipie held and was great. Working on a sour dough version, now. A solid GF baguette recipe that is a winner!

  14. Hi, just wondering why the yeast goes in last? Mine are in the oven rising as I write this.
    I have used this pizza mix for pizza and love it. I do add parmesan flavored oil instead. Gives it great flavor. Wondering too, my dough never is a thick as yours looks in the video, am I doing something wrong? Using Kitchen Aid Mixer with the dough hook. Never mind it seems I’m always interrupted while doing anything. lol
    Thanks for your thoughts.

    • Glad to hear I’m not the only pulled-in-too-many-directions baker around, Allison! I don’t use a dough hook – I don’t find it mixes the GF doughs as well – try your paddle attachment. Does the baguette turn out right (cooked completely) even if the dough isn’t as thick? Your parm flavored oil sounds AH-mazing!!!! As for the yeast, it’s quick rise yeast, so it doesn’t need proofed, and I always add it in last after the dough is formed and the yeast just needs to integrate; you could add it with the dry mix if you wanted to. Shouldn’t make much of a difference. Glad you’re enjoying my pizza mix for baguettes, too!

      • So, I tried a second time last night….without any interruptions! Only made one loaf instead of trying three smaller like the first time. Did the egg wash instead of the water too. It came out just like italian bread!! OMG! Love, Love. Love. Made a great pastrami sandwich!!
        Apparently the old adage, read the instructions multiple times before attempting the recipe, is true. After daughter and grandkids left I reread the instructions and found I hadn’t scored the first batch. They came out flat but very crispy. Loved the texture. Will definitely be doing this again with the paddle to see if it makes a difference.

        • Wonderful, Allison!!! So happy you figured it out and were rewarded with delicious bread! Glad you didn’t give up – happy bread baking!

          • Thanks. It seems I can’t wreck your mixes!! hehe

            Not matter what I have done to the muffin mix or the pizza mix it still tastes great. May not look fantastic but always tastes great. Thank you for a great way to satisfy a craving. That crispy baguette was Heaven!

          • YAY! Third times a charm. I made it again and it came out PERFECT!
            I may be stocking up on the pizza mix very soon.
            My mother even tried it yesterday and loved it.

  15. I wanted to get on and leave a rating but I couldn’t figure out how. This is a 5 Star gluten free bread! I have tried so many flours and “kits” from the store none have come anywhere closet this! It was amazing! My family loved it!!!!

    • Hi Koren: thanks for wanting to leave a rating for our products. Scroll down on each product’s page on our site, and, under the photos, you’ll see some light blue tabs with “Ingred. & Nutrit. Info,” and “Reviews,” etc. At the bottom of the existing reviews, you’ll see a place to leave you (which is so sweet of you!). Your reviews will help others who are unfamiliar with gfJules to buy with confidence, so we really appreciate them (rely on them actually)!

  16. I made the baguette with your pizza crust using egg at room temp. It rose fine & looked great after baking but then sunk when it cooled. I took the parchment paper with the bread out of the baguette pan to cool. Was that my mistake? Flavor was good & I made croutons out of it.

    • So glad the flavor was good and you were able to make yummy croutons with it, Mary! About the sinking, I’m assuming you made this from scratch, not using my pizza mix? Let me know if so, and if you made any ingredient substitutions (GF flour, milk powder, eggs, etc.) and I’ll try to help you for next time.

  17. I find using the zip-top bag cumbersome. I just spoon the dough onto my baguette pan, then oil my hands and shape the dough. They come out great this way!

  18. I don’t have a stand mixer. Can I do it in a food processor with a bread dough blade?
    Also can I make the baguette into a round loaf instead? Maybe putting it in a round pottery bowl and maybe either parchment paper?

    • Hi Vicky, a food processor would work, or just mix in a bowl with a spoon — just make sure the yeast is well-integrated. I’d love to hear how this turns out baked with parchment in a pottery bowl. Please let me know!!!

  19. For the baguette recipe
    When using the yeast free recipe do you beat it for 3 minutes also when you put in the soda,vinegar and baking powder?

    • Hi Gram, you do not need to beat it for 3 minutes when making it yeast-free. I add the soda, vinegar and baking powder all together once everything is mixed (when you would have added the yeast), then beat until integrated but no more. I hope that helps – enjoy the recipe!!!

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  21. Jules, I just made baguettes! They’re gorgeous! Can’t wait to taste them. I used an egg white wash. Next time I’ll use a whole egg to make them darker, but they are pretty.

  22. Recipe is super easy to follow and the baguettes come out just like the picture. My husband felt like he was eating a subway sandwich. I can’t wait to experiment with this dough and try all your other products!

  23. After trying your pizza crust for the first time and LOVING it, I can NOT waIt to try a baguette! The thought of a slice of that fabulous crusty herbed bread spread with a clove of warm roasted garlic…

    • Oh Debra, you’re going to LOVE it!!! There’s nothing like having delicious crusty baguettes back in your life … and they’re super easy to make! ENJOY!

  24. The baguette recipe is why I wanted to try the pizza mix. Once it arrived, I made my very first double batch. SUPER EASY!! Being in higher altitude in a dry climate, I did proof the yeast with a tsp of sugar a a few Tbs of warm water before adding it to the recipe. Surprising water on the bread and in the oven really helped the bread rise! Once it was done, myself, my hubby and it two boys ate the bread and LOVED it! No one has any reaction at all!! This is the first gluten free mix that no-one had an issue with!! I can’t wait to order the sandwich bread mix next!! I’m a BELIEVER now. THANK YOU x A MILLION!!

    • I’m so glad it’s been proven at high altitudes, April! Thanks so much for letting me know. I’m thrilled that you all could eat the baguettes and have no reaction, and of course that they were so delicious! Happy baking!!!!

  25. From reader Lilduck77 in Australia: I made this for my Mum yesterday and it was scrumptious!

    It didn’t come out of the oven anything like it should look or feel but O.M.G the flavour was there! It was more like a flat turkish bread, just about an inch thick (so perhaps i worked the dough too long or didn’t let it rise enough?) but it still had that beautiful crunchy outer crust and soft on the inside.

    We ate it warm, with nothing on it. Saved none for my husband who didn’t like hearing how mu h he’d missed out on. Trying again today!

    Oh, i McGyvered the baguette pan by rolling up lengths of foil. My Dad is going to try and make me one this weekend. There is a good DIY plan on google.

    I also couldn’t find corn meal. I used polenta on the bottom instead. Yum!

    • Hi Barbara – you will be so happy with this recipe if you were already a baguette lover! I can’t wait to hear what you think when you try it!!!

    • At least this one’s not so very expensive, and it stores pretty snugly behind a bunch of cookie sheets (she said, speaking from experience!). Hope you get to try the recipe soon, Brianna!!!

    • Hahah – it’s only easy because it took me so long to get it right! Happy to share any tricks to make it easier for everyone else, too. Maybe we can share a loaf one of these days soon, Chrystal!

      • I have a terrible time making bread. I am trying the baguette but it doesn’t seem to rise. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I followed the recipe and watched the video. Any helpful hints?


        • Hi Judy, I’m happy to help! Can you first tell me about your ingredients: did you use an egg substitute? What milk powder did you use? Did you use my flour? What about milk – what milk and were your ingredients at room temperature? What about the yeast – what kind did you use? If it was a 3 pack, can you test another packet with 1 tsp. sugar and 1/4 cup warm water with the yeast and allow it to sit for 5 minutes and see if it starts to bubble. If it doesn’t start to bubble, the yeast is no longer active and you’ll want to buy new, fresh yeast. Review more tips in my 18 Bread Baking Tips article and see if any of those might help as well!

          • I followed the recipe using the pizza mix. I used egg white – the eggs were at room temperature as all the ingredients. The yeast was in the package with the pizza mix.

            I check out the tips article and try again this weekend.

          • Thanks for getting back to me with details, Judy. Did it just not rise much before the bake time, or did it not rise at all? Did it bake all the way through? Keep me posted on the next loaf this weekend!

        • I also had a rather flat bread. I think I know went wrong with mine. I followed the directions to a tee but was not able to put the bread in the oven (200 and turned off), because I was already baking something else. So instead I tried the top of the stove, back burner but I think too much heat came through. That said I sliced the bread on an angle and have small slices but it is delicious and the crust is crunchy and wonderful! Next time I will make sure I do the oven for rising. I love all of your mixes Jules -they are superior to any others out there!

          • So glad you made the best of it, Jill! It’s wonderful to have crunchy crusted bread again, isn’t it? Can’t wait to see what happens on your next go!

    • I really love the pans, Sharon, and they’re not very expensive! I’ve also fashioned my own with dowels and aluminum foil, but really, this dough is thick enough to pipe out onto a cookie sheet without them. The holes in the pans made for the purpose help the bread to get crunchy all over and it makes all the difference! But softer, more Italian-style bread made without them is pretty awesome too! I can’t wait to see what you create!

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