Mindy’s Famous Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Mindy’s Famous Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Mmmm – gluten free cinnamon rolls. Just the name makes me drool a little — how about you?

Gluten Free Cinnamon Roll

We hear every day from readers who have used my gfJules™ Gluten Free All Purpose Flour in their favorite family recipes, and how overjoyed they are to be able to enjoy these special recipes again with their families.

When Mindy G. wrote in to share these drool-worthy pictures of her gluten free cinnamon roll recipe though, I knew other readers would definitely want to try the recipe too! (What’s the difference between cinnamon rolls and cinnamon buns, by the way? I think these could safely be called either one ….)

What I didn’t know was just how many other readers would be clamoring for the recipe to make these gluten free cinnamon rolls when we shared her yummy pictures!

gluten free cinnamon rolls with berries

Mindy's Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls in the pan

Mindy’s Cinnamon Rolls

Lucky for all of us, Mindy was happy to share her family cinnamon rolls recipe.  Mindy says she used her tried and true recipe “with only your gfJules Flour subbed in :)” 

She also reports, “My gluten free friends I shared them with when I made them are begging for more! I told them to order your flour and they can make their own ;)”

reader gluten free cinnamon rolls

Another reader shared her photo on Instagram (above) and reader Laura O., shared these photos of her before and after cinnamon rolls made from this recipe. She rolled hers even thinner and loved the results!

Laura O's cinnamon rolls

Laura O: “I made the gluten free cinnamon roll recipe with your gfJules Flour for Thanksgiving and they were absolutely delicious!! I will never use another gluten free flour! Thank you for making such a great substitute for those of us who need to eat gluten free!!”


I’ve now made this recipe many, many times myself, and have added my notes and some process photos for your reference. If you’re put off by the large amount of flour required to make this recipe, or you and your thighs don’t want that many cinnamon rolls sitting around begging to be eaten, simply halve the ingredients — it works great! I’ve added the half recipe amounts I used in (parenthesis) next to each ingredient for your reference.

gluten free cinnamon rolls with frosting gfJules

Check out the video below to watch me walk you through making these yummy gluten free cinnamon rolls, step-by-step (so there’s no excuses not to make them yourself!)


Here’s another Gluten-Free Cinnamon Rolls recipe from This Vivacious Life. Looks like it requires some advanced planning, so budget for time, but one can never have too many amazing cinnamon rolls recipes, can one? 🙂

The steps (as you saw in the video are really simple when you’re using my gfJules Flour because it stretches and makes it easy to roll out and up!

Gluten Free Cinnamon Roll Dough 2

Simply roll out the dough and sprinkle on the fillings. Then roll it up on itself ….

Gluten Free Cinnamon Roll Dough RolledThen you just cut them into the size rolls you prefer ….

gluten free cinnamon roll doughThen just look at this gorgeous result!


I recently made some delicious GF Cinnamon Rolls, using gfjules flour (my favorite!). The recipe is a bit unconventional, but the results took me right back to my pre-Celiac days. Yum!! ~Annella M.


Many thanks to Mindy for sharing her now famous Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls recipe! I can’t wait to see YOUR gluten free cinnamon rolls! And speaking of sharing, what recipes do you wish you could make again, gluten free? What are you waiting for? With the right gluten free flour, anything is possible!

Do you have a family favorite that you’ve already converted to gluten free just by using my gfJules™ Flour? Please share by using the “Contribute” button under “Rewards” at the top of this page. We’d love to try your recipe, too!


Here’s a video showing how to make the icing



Mindy's Famous Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls Recipe is an old family favorite, converted to gluten free just by using my gfJules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour!

Mindy’s Famous Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

4.2 from 9 reviews

  • Author:
  • Prep Time: 30 minutes prep + 30 minutes rise
  • Cook Time: 12 minutes
  • Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Yield: 12 rolls


(1/2 recipe measurements noted)


  • 1 cup+ (1/2 cup+ 3 Tbs.) warm water
  • 3/4 – 1 cup (1/2 cup) room temp buttermilk (or non-dairy milk with 1/2 Tbs. lemon juice or white vinegar added)
  • 1/2 cup (1/4 cup) sugar
  • 1/4 cup (2 Tbs) melted butter (or vegan butter like Earth Balance® Buttery Sticks)
  • 3 Tbs (1 packet – 2 1/4 tsp.) quick rise OR regular (GF) yeast (like Red Star® or Fleischmann’s®) (Jules’ note: do not use Red Star® Platinum yeast, as it is not gluten-free)
  • 1/2 Tbs (1 tsp) salt
  • 2 eggs (1 egg – or replacement like 1 Tbs. flaxseed meal steeped in 3 Tbs. warm water)
  • 5 1/2 cups (742 grams)  (2 3/4 cup or 371 grams) gf Jules™ Gluten Free All Purpose Flour


  • 2 Tbs butter, melted (1 1/2 Tbs) (or vegan butter like Earth Balance® Buttery Sticks)
  • 1/2 cup (1/4 cup) brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup (1/4 cup) sugar
  • 2 Tbs (1 Tbs) cinnamon


  • 1/4 cup (2 Tbs) butter, softened (or vegan butter like Earth Balance® Buttery Sticks)
  • 3 cups (1 1/2 cups) sifted powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp (1/2 tsp) pure vanilla extract
  • enough milk to make spreading consistency
  • dried cranberries or raisins (optional)


Mix together water, buttermilk, sugar, melted butter and yeast in a bowl. If using quick rise yeast, allow to sit for 5 minutes; if using regular yeast, allow to sit for 15 minutes. The mixture should be frothy at this point, if not, discard and start over because the yeast is not active.

Add in salt, eggs and gfJules™ flour. (Jules Note: I added extra liquid, as noted in the ingredients, in order to get the dough to be more soft and pliable.)

Mix for ten minutes (we use a Kitchenaid® mixer with the bread paddle attachment). Allow to sit for ten minutes. (Jules Note: I mixed only until ingredients were integrated and the dough was soft. Over-mixing gluten free dough may make it tough. I also did not allow it to sit after mixing, but rolled the dough out immediately.)

While it is resting, prepare your filling by mixing together melted butter, brown sugar, sugar, and cinnamon.

Roll dough out onto a greased countertop into a 12×16 inch square or less, depending. (Jules Note: I rolled the dough onto a surface floured with gfJules™ Flour). Knowing that the dough will rise, roll the dough thinner if you prefer less bun and more filling, or the other way around! Roll the dough before cutting — it will be close to the size of a rolling pin when rolled.

Spread filling and roll up. Cut into 12 rolls (6 -9 if making a 1/2 recipe).

Place rolls on cookie sheet covered with parchment paper or into an oiled baking pan. Allow to rise in a warm location for 30 minutes.

Bake at 400°F for 12-15 minutes. (Jules Note: I baked at 325° F for 12 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the rolls came out with only some dry crumbs.)

Remove to cool for a few minutes before whisking together frosting and drizzling on warm rolls.

I KNOW you’re going to love this recipe!

and I KNOW you’re gonna want to pin this for later!

Mindy's Famous Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls Dairy Free - gfJules


Favorite Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls - so soft and light, gooey and irresistible! This gluten free recipe defies all odds with it's deliciousness! No one will ever know you've left out the gluten or the dairy when made with gfJules Flour! | gfJules



Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls just like you've been missing! |gfJules.com

Mindy's Famous Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls Recipe is an old family favorite, converted to gluten free just by using my gfJules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour!

Mindy's Famous Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls Recipe is an old family favorite, converted to gluten free just by using my gfJules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour!


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152 thoughts on “Mindy’s Famous Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

  1. I found your recipe after an exhaustive search for a yeast cinnamon roll that happens to be gluten free, as I haven’t had one since my celiac diagnosis a few years ago. I did not have your brand of gf flour readily at hand but the proportions looked like they would work, so I took a chance and used my usual brand (Better Batter), otherwise following the measurements and directions exactly. The recipe came together very easily and the resulting rolls were perfectly delicious! While it wasn’t your intention for folks to use another brand of gf flour, achieving remarkable results like these are happy surprise and a compliment to your efforts just the same. Thank you.

    • Hi Leslie, I’m actually just happy that you finally were able to enjoy delicious cinnamon rolls again, however it happened! SO glad you tried the recipe and that you enjoyed spectacular results! Better Batter is my second favorite gluten free flour blend 😉 but as I said, my mission is just to have people be happy baking again, gluten free, so thanks for the feedback that it worked with that brand. Most gluten free flour blends are rice-heavy and lead to heavy or gritty results, so I’m glad you got some great rolls out of it.
      Happy baking!

  2. This was the first recipe I tried using gfJules flour. And my first attempt at gf cinnamon rolls. SO pleased with the results. I wanted an easy, basic, quick, dough recipe for Jules’ flour, and this looked ideal. Since I didn’t want to risk wasting precious gf flour, I quartered the recipe, and followed Jules instructions to not over mix (I mixed by hand), and no initial proof (though tempted, since I have found that gf batters do better if they are allowed to sit for 15-30 minutes). I often look at several recipes and incorporate ideas that I like, so I baked them in muffin tins (as King Arthur’s website suggests, and baked at Jules 325°) because I love the way they bulge out of the tins, and their cute shape. The dough was firm but tacky, so using a gf floured board worked perfectly to roll the dough (6x16ish). I also had some left over salted caramel sauce that I slathered on before I applied the cinnamon mixture. (I’ll put caramel on almost anything). Last, I used a simple cream cheese frosting recipe (I’ll also put cream cheese on almost anything). I baked 4 rolls for about 25 mins (as the KA website suggested for baking in muffin tins). Well, the S.O. ate them up, but not without a suggestion. :/ He asked if next time I would bake them apart, on a pan, so they would brown and crisp on the outside. Although they did brown all over, even in the muffin tins (they did not come out soggy at all), he likes an all over crunch. To each his own. So, although it may not sound like a compliment, it definitely is, and I will try his suggestion next time. I also wondered if they steamed a bit, by putting them in muffin tins, so I’m actually curious to see the difference.

    Thanks Jules, for such a healthy and beautiful flour, and to Mindy, for a recipe for busy gfers. As a long time baker, and short time gfer (2 years), I’m learning (and excited) to adjust to my new baking reality. As a new gfer, I will admit, it feels like I am tolerating many gf foods. But for some foods, like these cinnamon rolls, I don’t feel that way at all. (Wahoo!) This is a recipe that both wheaters and gfers WILL love. These cinnamon rolls stand all on their own.

    • Thank you so much, Kass, for taking the time to share your modifications and results, and of course your joy at making a truly delicious recipe!!!
      So funny about the crunchy outsides and you’re right — to each his/her own! In my family NO ONE wants crunchy outsides! SO … I’ve started either baking in the crockpot or lining a cake pan with parchment. If your S.O. wants crunchy outsides, I’d suggest placing in an 8 inch round cake pan with no parchment and the sides that touch the metal should get crunchier for him. Let me know how it goes. And may all your GF baking from here on out be happy!!!

  3. I made these this morning. My son bit into his warm roll and made a horrible pained face. I thought he was hurt…or that he thought they were terrible. But he looked at his plate and said, “Oh my GOSH, these are so GOOD!”

    He isn’t celiac, my husband is. But they got a vote of approval. And he was right. They are amazing.

    I had made the large batch, which makes 12 gigantic rolls. So I decided to try freezing them.

    I wrapped them in parchment and froze them individually in FoodSaver bags. They definitely squashed, but they were still delicious upon heating in the microwave. Serve them fresh for company, but don’t hesitate to freeze leftovers!

    • SO happy everyone loved them, Dawn! And great idea to bake extra and to freeze – cinnamon rolls on demand! Happy New Year!

  4. Yummy! So glad I tried to make these this morning with my youngest. My oldest hasn’t eaten cinnamon rolls in years! He ate 2 of these (he’s not even the one whose GF, I am ????). So good!

  5. These are the best cinnamon rolls. I made them for xmas morning and hey were so good everyone loved them. I also purchased your flour on amazon and was the best gluten free flour.

    • Hi Kerry – I’m so happy you found my flour! And yes, those cinnamon rolls are SO yummy! I made them a couple days before Christmas (I made several batches) and we’re still enjoying them. Such a treat! I can’t wait to hear what other yummy recipes you’ll try next with my flour! Be sure to leave a review on Amazon if you get a chance. It really helps others to find my products, to know that it really is as great a product as we say it is! Merry Christmas!

  6. Jules,
    I’m mildly confused about the oven temp in your recipe:
    Bake at 400°F for 12-15 minutes. (Jules Note: I baked at 325° F for 12 minutes, or. until a toothpick inserted into the rolls came out with only some dry crumbs.)

    Are you recommending 325°, rather than 400°?


    • Hi Jim, yes, I left the recipe exactly as Mindy had written it, but when I make it I follow the directions I provide in parenthesis. I know that’s a little confusing, but I wanted to honor her recipe as written by sharing it exactly as she wrote it. I hope that helps!

  7. I don’t have the Jules gluten-free flour, can I successfully make this with Namaste gluten free flour? I’ve been looking for something to make for Christmas morning now that we’ve found out gluten intolerant.

    • Hello! I’m wondering where I could purchase the Mat that you’re using in the pictures above to roll out the dough? This looks like a great recipe and I would love to have this tool to help with the process.

    • Hi Julie – I have no idea what the Namaste flour would do in this recipe. I haven’t heard great things about it, honestly, but I’ve never worked with it. All gluten-free flours are very different, so I wouldn’t recommend waiting until Christmas morning and trying this recipe with a different blend because you could be really disappointed. Here’s an article about gluten free flours and choosing the right ones for the job. My gfJules Flour has been voted #1 Gluten Free All Purpose Flour for 3 years in a row because it’s reliable, it doesn’t have any taste or smell or grit, and it gives doughs some stretch, making it possible to make rolls like these without them breaking apart. You can still order my flour on Amazon to be here before Christmas if you’re wanting to make these Christmas morning and be sure they’ll turn out yummy!

    • Let me know if you tried these with Namaste. I also don’t have the GF Jules flour but ordered from Amazon but won’t be here til after Xmas! 🙁

    • I make these all the time and after baking and icing; freeze each one individually on a cookie sheet. Then wrap in plastic wrap and keep in the freezer. Remove from freezer as needed, unwrap, microwave for 40 seconds and enjoy. Just as good as fresh baked. And Jules recipie for Artisan bread is great.

      • Such a great tip about making these ahead of time and enjoying them whenever you like! Thanks so much for sharing, Richard! And so glad you love my gluten free artisan bread recipe, too! Happy baking!

    • I made these following the recommendations that Jules made, but didn’t change anything else. They were delicious, and pretty easy to make. After drizzling with icing, I let them cool completely. Then I wrapped them individually in Saran Wrap, placed the wrapped buns in a ziplock bag, and froze them. We pulled them out as we wanted to eat them, unwrapped, and microwaved for 20-30 seconds. They were as good as fresh! Thank you for this great recipe!

  8. I just made these with my daughters. They turned out fantastically. What a treasure of a recipe. The only change I’ll make next time is to omit the icing and cut back on the sugar inside. They are quite sweet. I have been gf for 10 years and have only had ONE gf cinnamon roll in that time. Thank you so so so much for sharing this recipe. I know that some recipes are family heirlooms, and family treasures. Thank you for sharing. Both our family and friends shared in the bounty and we were all in heaven.

    • Oh Kate, that makes me so happy to hear! It’s true that family treasures can be recipes, not actual material items. They bring back such good memories and transport us to places we perhaps thought we’d never “feel” again. I’m thrilled that your family and friends were able to enjoy these treats with you and that everyone loved them. Wishing you nothing but happy baking from here on out!

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  10. For the icings/filing I made some changes and included the ingredients at the bottom, however this review is specifically for the fabulous dough as I used this recipe for the dough specifically.

    I’ve had poor luck in the past with making cinnamon rolls that would fall aparts, however with using the Gluten Free Jules flour, the dough was soft, pliable, easy to roll tightly and most of all, absolutely devine!! I followed Jules’ recipe exactly for the rolls, paying attention to her comments and had rave reviews from my family on Thanksgiving (both those that have to and don’t have to eat gluten free loved them!!). These rolls were absolutely delicious and I will never use any other type of gluten free flour besides GF Jules!! Thank you so much for making this wonderful flour so gluten free eaters don’t have to miss out!!

    for the
    1/2 cup softened unsalted butter
    1 1/4 cups packed light brown sugar
    2 1/2 tablespoons ground cinnamon
    2 tablespoons cornstarch

    2 oz. cream cheese, at room temperature
    1/4 cup softened unsalted butter
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
    1 1/4 cups powdered sugar

    • Thank you so much for sharing your filling and frosting recipe additions, Laura! I can’t wait to try those when I make these rolls next time! And so very happy to hear that you enjoyed working with the dough when made with my gfJules Flour. It’s amazing what a difference flour can make, when you’re talking about gluten-free. I appreciate that you’ve tried with other flour blends and recipes and know a good thing when you find one! Thanks again for the review and the recipe additions. Happy baking and very happy holidays!

  11. Made these for my gluten eating dad and he (along with the rest of us) thought they were so yummy! My mom even commented that they were some of the best rolls she has eaten in a long time. My parents requested I make them for Thanksgiving and my mom had me order her a bag of the flour as well! Also, as a first time cinnamon roll maker, I was pleased with how easy this recipe was. Thanks for another great recipe!

    • Alicia, that is so wonderful to hear! I’m so very happy that you tried the recipe and weren’t daunted by the thought of how complicated cinnamon rolls seem to be — they’re not! And you found out because you dove in and made them. What a wonderful reward to have your parents both love them! Congratulations and happy baking to you, from here on out! Have a wonderful (and tasty!) Thanksgiving, too!!!

    • Hi Jenny, you can absolutely use lactose-free milk. Just add a teaspoon of lemon juice or vinegar to it to help it curdle more like buttermilk. Enjoy this yummy recipe!

    • Hi Cathryn, with GF yeast breads, there is no kneading necessary. The dough will be too much for a hand mixer with whisk attachments though, so I’d actually recommend mixing it in a large bowl using a wooden spoon instead. You’ll stir and mix until it’s all integrated then roll it out. When I’ve made these, I don’t mix for 10 minutes like Mindy suggested in her recipe; I only mix until integrated, so it won’t be too hard on your stirring arm. 🙂

      • Are there any other premade gf flours that you would recommend? Gfjules flour isn’t available in my area and it’s inconvenient for me to order online.

  12. I can’t get your flour in Canada. I was wondering if I can use the same flour blend as I used for your perogy recipe?

  13. Just made these tonight, and sadly, mine didn’t rise. I followed the recipe, but my dough seemed dry (not crumbly, but definitely not sticky) when I rolled it out. Any suggestions if I try it again?

    • Hi Amy, I would definitely try it again and add more liquid. That happened to me once when I made these and I’m not sure why the dough was drier than it should have been but it was almost resistant when I rolled it out. Still tasted good but they were too dry to rise. Next time I added more liquid and they were perfect. Instead of 3/4 cup, add 1 cup buttermilk and see if the dough seems more pliable and lighter. You can even add a bit more if you need. The recipe is fantastic and definitely worth trying again. Also consider making my Cinnamon Sticky Buns!!! Melt-in–your-mouth soft!!

    • Hi Leslie, not sure about the heavy cream. I think I’d opt for milk with 1 Tbs. lemon juice added so it’s not too heavy. If you’ve already made them with the heavy cream, I’d love to know how they turned out!

  14. Hi there:)
    I just found this recipe as searching out GF cinnamon roll recipes for Christmas morning. Is your flour blend sold in any grocery stores? I think I’m out of time to order it and have it here in time for Christmas morning, was hoping maybe I could find it in a store?
    Thanks so much!